Free Entrance to Songshan Mountain Scenic Area Exclusive for Visitors Aged Over 60 during the Double Ninth Festival

Double Ninth Festival: October 7, 2019 (Monday)

September 9 of the lunar calendar in Yihai Year (Year of Pig), this festival is also called the Aged Festival. September 9 of the lunar calendar every year is a traditional festival for all people of the Han nationality. The Book of Changes regulates that six is a number of Yin while nine is of Yang. On September 9, the moon (月) and the sun (日) are combined to form the character of Yang (阳), while double nine integrates as one on this day. That is why the day is called Double Ninth Festival.

The Double Ninth Festival was formed during the Warring States period, and was recognized as a conventional folk festival in the Tang Dynasty. Later, the folk customs were passed down from generation to generation. In addition, “Double Ninth” of September 9 is pronounced as “Jiu Jiu”, which means the long-lasting life. Therefore, some worship and respect activities for the ancestors and the aged population will be held. Also, the Double Ninth Festival is one of four traditional ancestor worship festivals in China, together with the New Year’s Eve, the Tomb Sweeping Day and the Zhongyuan Festival. It is the traditional for people to climb mountains, so the Double Ninth Festival is also known as Mountain Climbing Festival, Cornel Festival and Chrysanthemum Festival.

Discounts of Songshan Mountain Scenic Area during the Double Ninth Festival

On the day of October 7, 2019, the Double Ninth Festival, Songshan Mountain Scenic Area (including Shaolin Temple Scenic Area, Songyang Scenic Area, and Zhongyue Scenic Area), offers free tickets for people aged over 60 around the country (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), and people can get the free ticket at the ticket office in the scenic spot with ID cards.

In this gold October with an invigorating autumn climate,

the whole family climbs mountains together

not only for a good health,

but also for a free mind and relaxed mood.

The Double Ninth Festival meets with the National Day holiday.

Songshan Mountain Scenic Area makes an elaborate plan of

various celebrations for visitors,

adding brilliance to its present splendor.

Large Reception Ceremony of “Shaolin Image”

Performance Schedule

Time: October 1-7

09:00--09:15 am

Add.: Visitors Center Square in Shaolin Temple Scenic Area

Kungfu Performance at “Shaolin Heroes Gathering”


Performance Schedule
10:30--11:00  11:30--12:00 am
14:00--14:30  15:00--15:30 & 16:00--16:30  17:00--17:30 pm

Add.: The main stage of Shaolin Heroes Gathering

Kungfu Performance by the Kungfu Center of Shaolin Temple

Performance Schedule

09:30--10:00  10:30--11:00    11:30--12:00 am

 14:00--14:30  15:00--15:30    16:00--16:30  17:00--17:30 pm

Add.: The Kungfu Center of Shaolin Temple

Songyang scenic area and Zhongyue scenic area will launch the theme activities of “wearing traditional Hanfu, cultivating Chinese culture, appreciating the autumn scenery, and celebrating for the prosperous motherland”. Meanwhile, a series of activities will be held, such as the flag-raising ceremony, singing for the country, Zhongyue health preserving performance, traditional tea performances, ancient rituals and Confucius worship ceremony, which could maximize the festival atmosphere.

Zhongyue Scenic Area will provide such activities at the Tianzhongge Square as red-crowned crane art, Taichi Fan, Dan Tao inner exercise to make visitors be proud of the traditional Chinese culture.

Nothing can be more relaxing and happy than a scenic tour.

Come on and visit Songshan Mountain Scenic Area to climb mountains and appreciate the martial arts.

Wish all the best for all the aged.

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration