The “Songcheng - Romantic Show of the Yellow Emperor” Project Settles Down in Xinzheng

Yesterday, the “Songcheng - Romantic Show of the Yellow Emperor” project was officially settled down in Xinzheng. Present at the signing ceremony were Jin Kewen, vice president of the provincial committee of the CPPCC, Wang Yao, vice director of the publicity department of the provincial party committee, Bai Hongzhan, director of standing committee of the municipal people’s congress, Wang Zhang, chairman of the municipal committee of the CPPCC, Zhang Junfeng, member of the standing committee of the municipal party committee and director of the publicity department, and Liu Dong, deputy mayor of Xinzheng.

In the form of live-action performances, the “Songcheng - Romantic Show of the Yellow Emperor” project is a cooperation between the Xinzheng municipal government, Songcheng Performance, and Royal Garden Group. It is Songcheng Performance’s first project in central China. Covering an area of about 260 mu, the project site is near to the intersection between Daxue Road South and Taishan Road in the west of Longhu town, Xinzheng. The project is scheduled to be open to the audience in March 2020.

Based on historical stories of the Yellow Emperor and civilizations along the Yellow River, the project is set to demonstrate the profound culture and long history of Chinese civilization. With counterparts like the Memorial Ceremony to Ancestor in Huang Di’s Native Place and the International Forum on Chinese Culture Existed, the project serves as a new highlight and platform promoting the Yellow Emperor culture and well accords with Xinzheng’s image as a city famous for the Yellow Emperor culture.

Songcheng Performance is China’s first company in the performing arts industry and one of the top ten theme park groups in the world. Eight-time winner of China’s Top 30 Cultural Enterprises, Songcheng Performance has well established its brands such as “Songcheng” and the “Legend of Romance” series in cities like Hangzhou and Lijiang.

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