The Heart-warming Original Song "Because of You" Brings Everyone Power

This summer, a severe disaster occurred in Zhengzhou. As musicians and Communist Party members, Zhang Guanghua, the business backbone of Zhengzhou Cultural Center, and Sun Huili, teacher of the Music and Dance School of the Zhengzhou University of Technology, jointly wrote the song "Because of You", showing the danger in the disaster and the touching dedication of all walks of life. It warms people's hearts, boosts morale and sincere feelings so that the power of great love can carry forward more positive energy.

The Communist Party of China is committed to the great cause of the Chinese nation for thousands of years, and the centennial commemoration just shows its full vitality. The centennial history of the Communist Party of China is a history of practicing the party's original mission, and a history of connecting the hearts of the party and the people, breathing together and sharing a common destiny. The nation is composed of people, and people are all that matter to the nation. When the Communist Party of China fights and defends state power , it defends the hearts of the people in order to make the people live a good life. The Chinese Communists have a firm determination to keep their original heart and mission in mind. On the new journey of striving to build a modern socialist country in an all-around way, as long as the Communist Party of China always adheres to the people as the center, rely closely on the people, win the people's trust and support, it can overcome any difficulties and be invincible.

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