Awards Concert of 2019 Zhengzhou Vocal and Instrumental Music Competition Held

On the evening of November 27, the Concert Hall of Henan Art Center was amid music lingering in the air and bursts of applause from the audiences. Held by the Organizing Committee of the 2019 Zhengzhou Vocal and Instrumental Music Competition, the Awards Concert was underway, showing the fruitful results of the competition and participants’ charm. Some competitors, together with famous singers and performers around the province and city, cooperated in presenting this high-level feast of music to citizens.

The Concert was conducted by Huang Junbo, a judge of the Instrumental Music Competition, Director and Art Director of Zhengzhou Philharmonic Orchestra (ZPO), and a young musician. On this event, Cheng Wenli, an award-winner of the Western Musical Instrument Group, and the String Music Band of the ZPO, co-played the Croatian Rhapsody as the opening music. Zhao Jun, another prize-winner of the Western Musical Instrument Group, co-staged the fascinating Petite Suite, L 65 with his Finland-born wife Marianne Zhao. Zhu Zhenghua, a winner of the Bel Canto Group, and Zhang Sen, a specially-invited baritone, performed the duet of Revenge from opera Rigoletto, winning a round of applause. Together with dancers from Zhengzhou Song & Dance Theatre, Zhai Xiaojing, a winner of the Traditional Chinese Instrument Group, performed High Mountains and Flowing Water with guzheng (Chinese zither), leading the audiences to a gallery with fantastic Chinese music. Pang Xiaotong, Jing Xuhao and other prize-winning singers of the Pop Music Group sang the heart-touching The Moon Represents My Heart, attracting some of the audiences to chorus. With the co-accompaniment of prize-winners of the wind music of the Western Musical Instruments Group and ZPO’s Wind Band, Li Xinxian, a tenorist, sang I Love You China, pushing the atmosphere to a new high.

After the Concert, some judges and the Organizing Committee Director presented the first, second, third, and excellent organization prizes to individuals and units.

Since the application on October 31 and after rounds of preliminary competitions organized by Culture Radio and Television Bureaus of city, county, and district levels, the municipal art troupes, and institutions of higher education, 205 participants stood out from others and entered the semi-final. After eight semi-finals and two finals held between 18th to 23rd in November, 15 first prizes, 26 second prizes, 36 third prizes, 48 excellent prizes, and 13 excellent organization prizes were determined in the five groups of the vocal and instrumental music competition.

The co-sponsors were Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, TV and Tourism and Zhengzhou Federation of Literary and Art Circles. Zhengzhou Musician Association, Zhengzhou People’s Radio Station, and Zhengzhou Artistic Creation Institution were the co-organizers. The event functioned as a platform for young artists to show their talent and exchange experience. It also found and introduced a batch of excellent talent people in vocal music and instrumental music, thus strengthening the talent construction, improving the artistic atmosphere, and boosting the robust development of art in Zhengzhou.

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