Fighting Against the Epidemic | Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television & Tourism Added "New Momentum" to the Community's Epidemic Prevention.

Since the new round of COVID-19, Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television & Tourism, based on the unified deployment and strict performance of the epidemic prevention and control duties in the field of culture, radio, television, and tourism industry, has systematically distributed the workforce for the joint epidemic prevention and control workforce, adding "new momentum" to the community.

Staff volunteered to guide people to do the COVID-19 test in a patient and meticulous way.

With a timely response, Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television & Tourism first issued the Notice on the "Party Members' Reporting" in the Community to Carry Out Volunteer Services for Epidemic Prevention and Control, and formed five teams comprising Party members to serve the community for epidemic prevention and control. These teams went to Ruyihu Office of Zhengdong New District in order to assist the community in carrying out volunteer services such as nucleic acid testing and access management. 

On August 15, the 13-volunteer brigade team of Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television & Tourism responded to the rallying call again and immediately gathered at the Kunlihe Community of Greenland Community under the management of Ruyihu Office to assist the community personnel during the fourth round of COVID-19 testing for the whole city. On August 24, after receiving the notice about the fifth round of city-wide testing, 20 Party volunteers from the third brigade team quickly assembled and rushed to the Greenland Community. Since the testing is time-critical, task-heavy, and workload-intensive, the Party volunteers of Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television & Tourism entered the community and quickly put themselves into the work, working efficiently according to the assigned tasks. They assisted the community staff and medical personnel to do a good job of mobilizing, guiding, answering questions, registering and checking, etc. The volunteers also gave out the handbook of Personal Protection against COVID-19 in Different Places to the residents at the site. The departments worked closely together and successfully completed the testing for all residents in the district.

Staff assisted in the epidemic prevention work with care and cooperation.

To better play the role of provincial civilized units in the epidemic prevention and control work, Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television & Tourism has the courage to undertake corresponding social responsibility and actively create an atmosphere for everyone to participate in the epidemic prevention and control. In accordance with the written requirements from Zhengzhou Municipal Civilization Office, Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television & Tourism issued a Notice on the Special Action of Civilization Units to Win the Battle Against the Epidemic through "Four Supplies and One Support", which requires grass-root party organizations, members and cadres to provide donation, condolence, and materials for the front-line personnel fighting against the epidemic on the basis of strict compliance with the relevant provisions and with safety protection. Up to now, the whole system has sent more than 200 sets of food, which include milk, water, bread, ham sausage and instant noodles, 300 epidemic prevention supplies, more than 70 buckets of disinfectant solution, 100 boxes of potassium hydrogen sulfate compound powder, 10 boxes of chlorine dioxide disinfection tablets and 5 sprayers to the community and front-line prevention and control personnel. Some party members and cadres from low-risk areas and control areas voluntarily sent heat-relief drinks to medical personnel, practicing the volunteer spirit of "Helping and Advancing with Dedication and Love" and contributing to winning the battle.

It is necessary to make overall plans and take all factors into consideration in order to perform the duty of safeguarding the market.

While doing a good job in community epidemic prevention and control, Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television & Tourism strictly guarded against the epidemic, keeping an eye on the vulnerable points in the cultural market under the jurisdiction of the whole city. The workforce was coordinated scientifically so as to further increase the inspection and supervision of the cultural and tourist business premises under the jurisdiction of the city. In the meantime, the Bureau provided guidance to the Cultural Market Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Detachment to ensure that, cooperating with the public safety department, no unauthorized operation is conducted in cultural business premises under the jurisdiction of the city, during which online checks and offline key inspections were conducted to check every area and provide guarantee for people.

People with one purpose and joint hands can surmount disadvantages and never be hurdled by difficulties. In the next step, the Bureau will continue to strictly follow the requirements, unite and lead all party members, cadres, and masses in the system and industry to work with one heart and unremitting struggle. In this way can we truly promote epidemic prevention and control and the successful completion of post-disaster reconstruction work.

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