Free Scenic Spots for Zhengzhou Citizens During the National Traditional Games of Ethnic Minorities, Let’s Go!

Special Offers in Scenic Spots from September 6 to 18 to Celebrate the 11th National Traditional Games of Ethnic Minorities!

In addition to the free tickets for Swan Lake National Urban Wetland Park, Yellow River Park and Yangshao Culture Museum, Zhengzhou citizens can enjoy free first tickets for Hangu Pass in Sanmenxia City, Grand Canyon of Western Henan, Shuanglong Bay, Herb Garden in West Henan, Yanzi Mountain, as well as half-price tickets for Guo State Museum, Shanzhou Silo-cave, Niangniang Mountain, Danxia Gorge Scenic Park on the Yellow River.

Zhengzhou citizens can also enjoy free tickets for national 5A-level Yao Mountain Scenic Spot!

In order to provide a guide for tourists, Sanmenxia City has recently released four selected travel routes: Revolutionary Tradition & Inheritance Experience Tour, Historical Inspiration & Urban Memory Tour, Joys of Life & Recreational Leisure Tour, Awakening Homesickness & Rural Homestay Tour.

Route I: Revolutionary Tradition & Inheritance Experience Tour

In modern times, from the May Fourth Movement to the Anti-Japanese War, from the War of Liberation to the founding of People’s Republic of China, and then to the dynamic socialist construction, Sanmenxia has experienced the magnificent times when the Communist Party of China led western Henan people to fight for national independence and people’s liberation and happiness in the modern revolution history. These precious revolutionary resources have never faded and still maintain everlasting vitality today.

Scenic Spots: Mianchi the Eighth Route Army Military Depot Memorial Hall (Former Residence of Liu Shaoqi) —Yang Liandi Bridge and Monument to the Revolutionary Martyr Yang Liandi — Memorial Hall for the Premier Zhou Enlai Inspection Camp — Headquarters Site of the 25th Red Army in Lushi County

Route II: Historical Inspiration & Urban Memory Tour

Sanmenxia has a long and glorious history: the diverse culture of Yangshao, brilliant history of Guo State, the towering pass where “one man can hold out against ten thousand others”, the profound ancient Chinese wisdom in Tao Te Ching, the winding Yellow River and the Sanmenxia Dam, to name a few.

Scenic Spots: Sanmenxia Museum — Yangshao Culture Museum — Guo State Museum — Sanmenxia Dam — Shanzhou Silo-cave — Hangu Pass Historical and Cultural Tourism Area

Route III: Joys of Life & Recreational Leisure Tour

There are the highest peak of Henan, the “China’s Natural Oxygen Bar”, the famous whooper swan wintering habitat, etc. In the early autumn with clear sky, pale clouds and the air with the smell of harvest, let’s walk into the nature to listen to the secrets of autumn, find the true meaning of life and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Sanmenxia.

Scenic Spots: Shuanglong Bay Resort — Grand Canyon of Western Henan — Yanzi Mountain National Forest Park — Ganshan National Forest Park — Danxia Gorge Scenic Park on the Yellow River — Swan Lake National Urban Wetland Park — Yellow River Park

Route IV: Awakening Homesickness & Rural Homestay Tour

Homestay is a window from which homesickness memory can be searched and a platform on which urban people can realize their ideals about rural culture and life. In the past two years, Sanmenxia city has incorporated ecological culture, western Henan farming culture, folk culture and other characteristic elements into homestay development. Efforts have been made to make the old houses in western Henan appear more charming and become new popular destinations, to achieve targeted poverty alleviation and rural revitalization.

Main Scenic Spots: Lushi Tanghe Naked Bath Resort— Shanshui Yinlu Homestay Micro Resort Complex in Xinping Village, Guandaokou Town, Lushi County — Lingbao Pinsu & Yinxin Residence — Shanzhou Ququ Silo-cave — Dongpo Homestay in Hubin District — Mianchi Liuzhuang Dangjian Homestay

Yaoshan Mountain Scenic Spot

To celebrate the national event,

series of promotion activities have been launched

Zhengzhou citizens are sincerely welcome to the beautiful Yaoshan Mountain!

Citizens only need to hold a valid ID card, residence permit, household register or student ID card to enjoy free access to the scenic spot.

Yaoshan Mountain Scenic Spot also provides 100,000 vouchers worth RMB 15 million to tourists and has a series of preferential month activities: From September 1 to 30, tourists can enjoy various preferential policies of the scenic spot with vouchers.

From September 6 to 18, in order to celebrate the second Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival, and to make tourists enjoy the scenery and food, a Harvest Festival was opened in Yaoshan Mountain Scenic Spot, Fuquan Grand Hotel and Yaoshan Fuquan Hot Spring. Lushan featured agricultural and sideline products and souvenirs were exhibited at the festival. The local agricultural and sideline products include Dexiu wild grape wine, wild dandelion tea, Zhuangyuan donkey meat and rosemary bath products. There were also featured souvenirs including Lushan fancy porcelain, Lushan silk, as well as intangible cultural heritage products such as clay sculpture, paper cuttings and wheat straw pictures.

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