Flowers Exhibit | Spring Is in Full Bloom in March at the Green Expo Garden

As the flowering starts in March, it's time to appreciate varieties of flowers! The Green Expo Garden is an ideal place for visitors to enjoy the fragrant flowers and the riverside willows. It takes a whole year for plants to embrace their flowering. So in the warm spring when all the flowers bloom, why don't you have a pleasant tour at the Green Expo Garden?

Riverside Scenery

The beauty of the Green Expo Garden in spring is colorful, layered, and ever-changing. When you come here in March, you will step into a paradise of flowers. A variety of flowers such as winter jasmines, forsythia, Prunus mume Meiren, magnolia flowers, apricot blossoms, and purple-leaved plum blossoms are blooming in a well-spaced manner, either in bud or in full bloom, composing a feast for the eyes.

The Prunus mume Meiren and purple-leaved plum blossoms now abound in the garden. The cluster of purple-leaved plum blossoms shapes like cloud and mist. The white flowers are set among the purple foliage, stretching themselves as the wind blows and giving forth fragrance. The Prunus mume Meiren in full bloom, more densely packed than other plum blossoms, is quite beautiful against the spring waterscape in the Green Expo Garden. As the color of petals deepens from pale purple-red to deep pink layer by layer, flowers sway gracefully in the air, which look like a splendid pink cloud from afar. The best places to enjoy the scene of Prunus mume Meiren are at the North Gate and Yuhua Garden.

With the blossoming of plum blossoms in early spring, Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden kicks off the spring flowering, and as temperature gradually rises, flowers such as peach blossom, cherry blossom, begonia, tulip, hyacinth, and daffodil bloom one after another, constituting a feast for the eyes that will last until May.

Why not have fun in this natural oxygen bar and enjoy the pleasure of spring outing in the countryside! Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden invites you to enjoy this spring!


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