Zhongdamen International Shopping Park Will Open the Day after Tomorrow

The one-stop service can satisfy the demands of feasting and other kinds of entertainment, and realize the cross-border O2O “on-site delivery”, which is the first in China.

After a month of soft opening, the Zhongdamen International Shopping Park located in Henan Free Trade Logistics Center will open on 8th of this month. After adjustment and improvement, the food plaza, Fangting bookstore, children’s playground and sports plaza will be available to citizens with the one-stop service satisfying customers’ thorough demands of feasting and other kinds of entertainment.

The business pattern of the shopping park has not only realized “one place for multiple patterns”, “one place for multiple commercial activities”, cross-border bonded, general trade and duty-free mode at the same time, richening purchasing experience for customers; it also builds up a distinctive living styling by bringing in book stores, international dishes, international cosmetic medicine service, global fresh food, parallel imported car, ecological park, etc. After the official opening, it will be China’s first cross-border retailing O2O “on-site delivering”. According to related policies in China, customers will get what they bought in a minute after registering with ID card and phone number, placing an order and paying. The innovative mode will bring customers a lot of convenience in shopping on the premise of ensuring the quality and safety. 

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