Xinzheng Municipal Bureau of Tourism and Cultural Relics: A Letter to Citizens during the National Holiday

Dear citizens:
As the national holiday is drawing near, we have listed the following tips for you to enjoy a safe, enjoyable and quality traveling experience:
I.     Selecting Standard Travel Agencies

Tourists need to check whether the travel agencies in consideration have obtained related travel agency business license issued by Tourism Administration Department or business license issued by industry and commerce department or not. People planning to travel abroad or in Taiwan also need to check related qualification certificate, for example, agencies providing overseas tourism service should list “overseas tourism businesses” in its business scope, which should be clearly written in the “travel agency business license” and “business license”; agencies offering Taiwan tourism projects should be franchised. You should think twice when selecting agencies whose tourism information is carried on newspaper, broadcast, TV or Internet, which doesn’t show the number of travel agency business license, so as not to be cheated. You should not seek to low price service which doesn’t in line with market rules, since it may affect the quality or cause trouble during the travel period.   
II.    Signing Contract with Travel Agencies

You should sign standard tour contract with your selected travel agency, which should include tourist routes, number of days, scenic spots, vehicles, accommodation and dinner standards, responsibility for breach of contract, etc. The tourists should read and know about the specific content before signing and ask for invoice and travel itinerary. If conflicts may happen, such materials will be your evidence of claim.
III.  Purchasing Travel Accident Insurance  

We advise tourists to purchase travel accident insurance by themselves or through the travel agency, which shall guarantee the compensation during the travel period. 
IV.  Behaving Properly while Traveling and Consuming Rationally

Tourists should check the weather of the destination and take proper clothes and equipment. Respect the local customs, treat people politely, follow public order, protect ecology and environment, and avoid uncivilized behavior. To purchase souvenir, you need to remember the concept that you get what you pay for. You should also consume rationally and avoid blind or impulsive consumption. You need to be careful when going shopping abroad, while jewelry with high price is not recommended. If you want to buy something expensive, we advise you to select qualified shopping malls with good reputation and keep the invoice or receipt.
V.    Abiding by the Provisions on Traffic Safety

You need to abide by the provisions on traffic safety when taking airplane, train, bus, ship, cable car, ropeway, subway and others and follow the order of related controllers and the traffic safety notice.
VI.  Dealing with Tour Contract Conflicts Rationally

Facing tour contract conflicts caused by service quality or force majeure, tourists should keep related evidence and communicate and consult with their travel agencies in time. You could also complain to the local tourism administration departments or to the counterparts where you have signed up after the travel.

Appendix: Qualified travel agencies, travel agency branches and travel agency salesrooms of Xinzheng City (Notice: If you may find any illegal operation, please call the complaint hotline 0371-69901101)


Xinzheng Municipal Bureau of Tourism and Cultural Relics

September 7, 2017



Annex I  List of Travel Agencies (4)

Xinzheng Youth International Travel Agency

Zhengzhou Xinlianxin Travel Agency

Xinzheng Intercontinental Travel Agency

Henan Brothers Travel Agency

List of Travel Agency Branch (1)

Henan Hongyan International Travel Service, Xinzheng Branch

List of Travel Agency Salesroom (14)

Henan Province China Travel Service, Xinzheng Salesroom

Brothers Travel Agency, Longhu Salesroom

Henan Bestone Travel Service, Xinzheng Fanrong Street Salesroom

Henan Bestone Travel Service, Xinzheng Renming Road Salesroom

Henan Bestone Travel Service, Xinzheng Longhu Square Salesroom

Zhengzhou Overseas International Travel Service, Xinzheng Yellow Emperor Site Salesroom

China Comfort Travel Henan, Xinzheng Salesroom

Henan Jincheng International Travel Service, Xinzheng Xuedian Salesroom

Henan Jinhui International Travel Service, Xinzheng Salesroom

Henan Province China Travel Service, Longhu Salesroom

Henan Brothers Travel Agency, Longhu Xuefu Garden Salesroom

Henan China Youth International Tourism, Xinzheng Salesroom

Henan Yutai International Travel Service, Xinzheng Salesroom

Henan Yanhuang International Travel Service, Xinzheng Salesroom

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