Enjoy Land Gaining in Popularity During the National Day Holiday

During the National Day holiday, "local tourism" is still the first choice for citizens.

With its convenient transportation, various products, unique vacation offerings, and smart and efficient services, the Enjoy Land International Tourist Resort attracted many tourists.

Over the National Day Golden Week, Enjoy Land received more than 200,000 visits, testifying to the robust recovery of the culture and tourism market in Henan Province. The impressive results can also drive the "high-quality" integrated development of the culture and tourism industries on the Central Plain.

Among all shades of red, China Red is the most enchanting. During the National Day holiday, red flags could be seen in all parks of Enjoy Land. Many tourists also had little red flags in their hands, as they were brimming with patriotic enthusiasm.

In this year's holiday, many local families chose to go on an "impromptu vacation" close to home. They came to Enjoy Snow Hotel and Enjoy Royal Hot Spring for a short stay and participated in various fun events at the hotel: Observing animals, playing with ice and snow, bathing in hot springs, enjoying fireworks, camping on an island, bonfire parties... "One-stop vacation" can also be fun!

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