Great Heroes, Welcome to Zhengzhou!

Heroes return to hometown until spring equinox

Farewell to the Yangtze River and return to the Yellow River.

They left in cold winter, yet returned in warm spring.

 Upon the outbreak of COVID-19, Zhengzhou quickly established medical teams to support Hubei Province. These medical staffs overcome numerous difficulties, saved numerous people's lives, and built "a great wall of steel" with flesh and blood for the whole nation. Zhengzhou is proud of you!

How lucky we are born in such a great country. How happy we are guarded by such brave heroes. Your dedication brings peace to our nation!

COVID-19 is deterred by you. Zhengzhou is proud of you! China is proud of you! You are the cutest people in the new era!

Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism hereby salutes to the medical staffs nationwide fighting for COVID-19.

From the date when tourist attractions are open to the public to December 31, 2020, the medical staff nationwide can visit 38 A-level tourist attractions in Zhengzhou and enjoy our considerate services for free.

Free Objects

Medical staffs nationwide (with valid medical practitioner certificate, nurse certificate or other qualification certificates related to medical work)

18 Free 4A-level Tourist Attractions

Enjoy Snow World and Royal Hot Spring of Xinmi Enjoyland International Resort, Xinmi Sanquan Lake Scenic Area, Xinmi Red Stone Forest Scenic Area, Xinmi Fuxi Grand Canyon, Xingyang Gubaidu Feihuang Scenic Area, Xingyang Gubaidu Fengle Cherry Blossom Garden, Xinzheng Yellow Emperor’s Hometown Scenic Area, Zhengzhou Garden Expo Park in Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone, Gongyi Kang Baiwan's Mansion, Gongyi Changshou Mountain Scenic Area, Gongyi Du Fu's Hometown, Yellow River Fujing Ecological Garden in Huiji District, Zhengzhou Yellow River Culture Park, Dengfeng Zhongyue Temple Scenic Area, Dengfeng Songyang Academy Scenic Area, Zhongyuan Tower Scenic Area in Zhengzhou Economic and Technical Development Zone, and Fengle Farm - Yellow River Valley Mala Bay Wave Beach Scenic Area in Huiji District. There is no entrance fee for Cherry Valley Scenic Area in Erqi District, and the night tour of "Seeing Cherry Valley" in the scenic area is free to the medical staffs nationwide.

15 Free 3A-level Tourist Attractions

Xingyang Huancuiyu Scenic Area, Xinmi Yuxi Museum of the War of Chinese People's Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, Xinmi Lingya Mountain Lord Cave Scenic Area, Xinzheng Juci Mountain Scenic Area, Xinzheng Horse and Chariot Pits of the Zheng State, Xinzheng Red Jujube Town, Jinshui District Aquarium, Town's God Temple - Confucious Temple in Guancheng Hui District, Dengfeng Xianren Valley Scenic Area, Gongyi Fuxi Mountain Snow Cave Scenic Area, Gongyi Qinglong Mountain Ciyun Temple, Gongyi Grotto Temple, Yellow River Scenic Area in Huiji District, and Huayuankou Scenic Area in Huiji District. The Gongyi Yanyue Ancient City requires no entrance ticket. The medical staffs nationwide can drink tea and listen to the opera in the opera teahouse for free with their practicing certificates. They can visit the strange and amusing street, the wax museum, and the earthquake and natural disaster museum for free.

5 Free 2A-level Tourist Attractions

Xinzheng Ouyang Xiu Cemetery, Xinzheng Museum, Dengfeng Zhaixing Tower Scenic Area, Dengfeng Kiln Scenic Area, Dengfeng Fanjia Gate Scenic Area

Yellow Emperor's Hometown

Sincerely invite all of you to join in the Online Ancestor Worship Ceremony on March 26, 2020.

1.   In this year, this ceremony was held in Xinzheng Yellow Emperor’s Hometown Scenic Area of Zhengzhou on March 26, 2020 in a different manner, while following the basic principles of "no guests, no audience, and no performers on the scene" and "the scale and influence of the ceremony will not be reduced".

2.   This ceremony was connecting to broadcast live in Beijing studios and on-the-spot live studios through the CCTV International Channel, Phoenix Satellite TV, Henan TV, Zhengzhou TV and other TV stations. The new online ancestor worship platform was launched to support Chinese at home and abroad to pay homage to their ancestors on the Internet under the theme of "Global Chinese Fight Against COVID-19, Yellow Emperor Blesses China", and to rally Chinese to successfully fight against COVID-19.

Henan Museum

Opening Hours

Every Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 to 17:00 (stop entering at 16:00). The museum closes every Monday (except for national holidays).

Range of Opening

Apart from the main exhibition hall under construction and renovation, the "Broad Minded Central Plains – An Exhibition on Ancient Treasures from Henan Province" in the west annex building is normally open to the public, while the temporary exhibitions in the east annex building are temporarily closed.

Online Appointment

Visitors can make real-name appointment on the WeChat official account of Henan Museum for free visit. The ticket window will no longer provide services.

Currently, only personal (individual) appointments are accepted. The appointment can be made from 9:00 to 16:00 and will not be accepted after 16:00.

During the time period of appointment, each hour only supports 100 appointments and after that, this hour cannot be appointed. The limit of visitors per hour will be adjusted according to the COVID-19 prevention and control situation.

Please make an appointment at least half an hour in advance.

At most three persons are accepted for each appointment.

Please show your appointment QR code and ID card when visiting the museum. Please be sure to screen-capture and save the appointment QR code (You can also find out the appointment QR code from the history record by the reservation interface on the WeChat official account) for serving one of the credentials for visiting the museum.


Kang Baiwan's Mansion

Special Offer

Kang Baiwan's Mansion is open to the medical staffs nationwide for free. From March 20, 2020 to December 31, 2020, they can enter the mansion for free by its own medical practitioner certificate plus ID card or by its own nurse certificate plus ID card.

Other Preferential Policies

1.   From March 20, 2020 to June 30, 2020, the tourists nationwide can follow the WeChat official account of "Kang Baiwan's Mansion Scenic Area" and participate in online activities to win tickets.

2.   Kang Baiwan's Mansion will launch an annual tourism pass for the citizens of Gongyi. Please stay tuned.

Gubaidu Fengle Cherry Blossom Garden

Special Offer

Special offer is provided for medical staffs only: The opening hours will be from 09:00 to 18:00 as from March 18, 2020.

Other Preferential Policies

Free policy is also available to children under 140 cm, the aged over 60 with ID card, and other people who have one of the following certificates: Disability Certificate, Military Identity Card, Police ID Card, Tour Guide Certificate, or Press Card.

Enjoyland International Resort

From the date when this Resort is open to the public to December 31, 2020, Enjoyland International Resort is opened to all the medical staffs, police officers, and journalists nationwide for free, as a salute to them.

Here are the details:

Applicable scope:

Enjoy Snow World (tickets), Enjoy Royal Hot Spring (tickets to hot springs)


1.   In-service medical staffs nationwide including all kinds of medical personnel recognized by the state: traditional Chinese physicians, western-style physicians, nurse practitioners, Chinese pharmacists, western pharmacists, testers, Chinese medicine feldshers, western medicine feldshers, nurses, Chinese assistant pharmacists, western assistant pharmacists, laboratory technicians, etc.

2.   In-service police officers who hold the Police Officer Certificate recognized by the state.

3.   In-service journalists who hold the Press Card issued by the General Administration of Press and Publication of the People's Republic of China.

Time period:

From the date when this Resort is open to the public (subject to the government's order) to December 31, 2020.

Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden

Special Offer

The medical staffs nationwide can enter the Green Expo Garden for free for an unlimited number of times throughout the year by its own medical practitioner certificate plus ID card or by its own nurse certificate plus ID card.

Other Preferential Policies

Other preferential groups still follow the original policies.

Garden Expo Park

Special Offer

From the date when this Park is open to the public to December 31, 2020, all doctors, nurses, medical technicians, public security officers, and journalists of China (including Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan) can visit the Garden Expo Park for free by their own ID card and one of the following certificates after the validation of certificates by the ticket inspector: doctor practicing license, medical practitioner certificate, nurse or nurse practitioner certificate, technical qualification certificates related to health-care, police officer certificate, and press card above municipal level issued by the General Administration of Press and Publication of the People's Republic of China.

Other Preferential Policies

The aged over 60 years (including 60), primary and secondary school students of and below 18 years, full-time undergraduates, full-time junior college students, the disabled (also free for one nurse who takes care of the disabled of Grade I and Grade II), Chinese active serviceman, and fire rescue personnel can visit the Garden Expo Park for free by their own ID card and valid certificate after the validation of certificates by the ticket inspector.

We sincerely invite the medical staffs nationwide
to visit beautiful Zhengzhou
after the full victory of fight against COVID-19

Welcome to Zhengzhou!


Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration