Adorable Fallen Leaves-piled Scenery in Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden

In mid-November when the weather is getting colder and the autumn stronger, all of the leaves on the trees in Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden show off their beautiful hues of red and yellow, and make their way to the ground or on the water.

You may shiver in the cold autumn wind when stepping on yellow leaf piles.

Wandering in the garden in such a crisp season, you will be pleasantly surprised by lovely fallen leaf piles specially made by the staff of the garden. Let’s have a look!

Have you been impressed by these interesting leaf piles? See! Students on the fall outing are having a photo taken in this particular season.

You are certainly moved by these indescribably wonderful “artworks” including mountain, smiling face, animal and fruit. They have formed unique scenery in the garden.

Surely, you will also find other small surprises when walking around the garden in autumn.

Nature is like big gift package storing thousands of secrets of this autumn. Come to Green Expo Garden and discover yourself!

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration