Li Dongming, President of Enjoy Cultural Tourism Group, Attends the Dialogue with Young Entrepreneurs and Discusses Tourism Industry Innovation and Development

The China Tourism Academy Research Result Press & Dialogue with Young Entrepreneurs were co-hosted online by China Tourism Academy, Shanxi Cultural Tourism Investment Holdings Group,, Hangzhou Grand Canal Group, Nanjing Tourism Group and Guangzhou Lingnan Business Travel Investment Group on the afternoon of December 11.

In the dialogue with young entrepreneurs, Dai Bin, president of China Tourism Academy, focused on young entrepreneurs and tourism industry high-quality development and discussed with Shen Ying, general manager of Nanjing Tourism Group, Liu Xinxin, president of Huazhu Hotels Group, Li Dongming, president of Enjoy Cultural Tourism Group, Chen Zhifang, general manager of Youpin Sanyue Technology, Jin Jian, founder and president of Beijing Siji Cultural Tourism and Chen Gangyi, co-founder and CEO of Mafengwo, on tourism industry innovation and development.

During the process, Mr. Li expressed his views on enterprise innovation and industry high-quality development according to the development of Enjoy Cultural Tourism Group. He thinks the demand of consumers is the first driver for industry innovation. Provinces in central China have large populations and high tourism demand. Enjoy Cultural Tourism Group keeps devoting energy to meet consumer demand. Take the Enjoy Snow World as an example. Themed ice and snow, it combines ice entertainment with unpowered facilities to create "an indoor ice box" that won't be impacted by the season and weather. Meanwhile, Enjoy Snow World provides entertainment items that are different from professional skiing and reduces the difficulty of ice-snow sports to approach consumers. Common people are willing to bring their children to Enjoy Snow World and spend time here.

Dai Bin agreed with Mr. Li's views. Mr. Dai said that the demand change promotes industry innovation and people's enthusiasm for sports require cultivation. If people develop an interest in ice-snow sports since childhood and promote such sports to families around them, more Chinese children will have the awareness of ice-snow sports.

When it came to the high-quality development of cultural tourism enterprises, Mr. Li mentioned the "high-quality parent-child accompanying" of Enjoy Cultural Tourism Group. He pointed out that Enjoy Cultural Tourism Group will continue focusing on family customers and offering quality services to help parents put down electronic products and play with children, aiming to become a super parent-child entertainment brand.

It is learned that Enjoy Cultural Tourism Group will establish the Snow World in Xi'an, Foshan, Beijing, Huizhou, Shanghai, Wuhan, Changsha, Chongqing, Chengdu and some other cities. In the future, Enjoy Cultural Tourism Group will talk to the world, continue meeting the consumer demand and create more beautiful life scenarios with abundant entertainment items.

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