Spend the Wonderful National Day at Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden

To celebrate the founding of the New China, Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden has prepared a seven-day package of delicacies, cultural performances, flower shows, and arts and crafts shows for the citizens and tourists.

To inherit the traditional Chinese culture, and revive the traditional folks’ culture and art, a variety of folk art performances such as Pan Drum (literally “large drum”), lion dancing and walking on stilts from Kaifeng will be staged two shows a day with contents varying each day to ensure the novelty and vitality.

Folks’ arts and crafts, super skills and performances, time-honored brands, a show of tributes from the Central China, and the intangible cultural relics exhibition will be staged at the Garden. “People from different places, fishers or people have fishing nets dried under the sun. All of you are welcomed to taste our cakes with Osmanthus fragrance!” Such exciting hawking will reappear in the Garden, making you feel like turning back time to the old days when you would experience such interesting folk activities or items as arts and crafts, delicious snacks, mould clay figures, sugar figures and embroidered shoes.

Different themes of exhibitions offer you the same unforgettable memories. The exhibitions of Tang tri-color glazed ceramics, mandarin porcelain, wood carving, clay figurines, paper cuttings and root carving, etc. will also be presented. Each of them is finely created with great care, attracting numerous visitors.

It will be a wonderful experience to admire flowers while strolling in the garden in the beautiful autumn days. Walking in the Garden, you will smell the flower fragrance, and admire the sea of flowers as if having a beautiful dream. The exhibits arrangement of butterfly orchid show has been completed and will open in advance on September 26.

Come visit Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden during the National Day, you will see a variety of traditional Chinese arts and crafts, and enjoy the seas of flowers. Let’s celebrate the birthday of the New China with our heartfelt blessings and happiness.

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration