Promotional Campaign for Selecting Candidates for "2021 Annual Person of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Zhengzhou" Launched

Guided by the Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television & Tourism, the promotional campaign for selecting candidates for "2021 Annual Person of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Zhengzhou" sponsored by Zhengzhou Culture Center (Zhengzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center) and Zhengzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage Association will be conducted in Zhengzhou from now until May 2022.

I. Purpose of Campaign

Focusing on the important intangible cultural heritage (ICH) practices in 2021, the campaign will go deeper into the stories of ICH characters to select the top ten representative and influential ICH persons and events of the year, so as to raise society's concern and love for ICH and push the protection of ICH to a new level.

II. Scope of Candidates

1. Inheritors: Representative inheritors who have inherited China's cultural gene in the field of ICH, insisted on protecting, inheriting, carrying forward and revitalizing ICH, effectively protected ICH and ensured the vitality of  ICH in recent years, especially in 2021; Inheritors who have taken an active part in epidemic prevention and control and flood rescue or have outstanding contributions to work and production resumption during the fight against COVID-19 and the "July 20 Flood" in combination with their own work.

2. Researchers, media workers, communicators and educators: researchers who have made outstanding contributions to the research and protection of ICH; media workers who have vigorously disseminated laws and regulations related to ICH, spread the concept of ICH protection and expanded the influence of ICH work, especially those who use new media to spread the idea of ICH; communicators who have strengthened the international exchange and promotion of ICH; educators who have raised the public's awareness of ICH and promoted the popularization of ICH.

III. Selection Criteria

(1) Leadership: The candidates should play a leading role in the protection of ICH, with a good social impact and wide attention.

(2) Demonstration: The candidates should actively participate in epidemic prevention and control and flood rescue or have outstanding performance in the resumption of work and production; produce significant social benefits; and are of demonstrative and referential significance to the city's ICH protection.

(3) Innovation: The candidates should keep up with the times, actively integrate into modern life through new methods and means such as fashion design, creative expression and new-media-platform-based display, and strive to realize the creative transformation and innovative development of traditional culture.

(4) Contributions: The candidates should stick to their workmanship and ICH techniques, actively carry out educational and training activities for the inheritance of ICH, and impart ICH techniques to their apprentices, with outstanding contributions in the field of ICH protection and inheritance.

IV. Selection Process

Following the principles of "fairness, openness and impartiality", strict qualification regulations and selection process will be set down and the "Organizing Committee of the Campaign" will be established to conduct relevant activities.

In this campaign, the procedures of candidate announcement, online evaluation and deliberation will be introduced.

V. Selection Period

1. Sign-up for initial selection

(1) Time: March 8 - April 8, 2022

(2) Contents:

A. Various means will be adopted to engage a wide range of the city's representative ICH inheritors in this campaign.

B. Candidates will be recommended by cultural centers (ICH protection centers) at the district, county and city levels, and the number of candidates shall not exceed 5 in each place. Each candidate's application form should be sent to:

C. Candidates will be recommended by the judges of the expert panel, and each jury can recommend 5 candidates.

2. Re-selection

Time: April 10 - 20, 2022 (online voting)

3. Final selection

(1) Time: end of May 2022

(2) Contents:

A. Online evaluation will be conducted for reference to expand the influence of the campaign.

B. Ten candidates for the annual Person of the Year will be selected through voting and online evaluation.

4. Medal Awarding

Time: June 2022

For the download of the form, please visit:

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