Traffic Police of Henan Release the “Bible” on Travelling during the National Day Holidays

This year’s vacation will be up to 8 days due to the overlap of the National Day and the Mid-Autumn Festival holidays. According to the estimation of traffic police department, during the National Day holidays, the number of people travelling will reach 710 million, an increase of approximately 10% compared with last year.

In order to guarantee the safe travelling of the public during the vacation, targeting at the provincial travelling characteristics of road traffic in recent years’ National Day and the Mid-Autumn Festival holidays, Henan Provincial Public Security Department Traffic Police Corps and Expressway Traffic Police Corps have jointly released the holiday travelling tips to the whole province.

Avoid the Rush Hours and Road Sections Which Are Easy to Cause Traffic Congestion

Rush Hour I: 17:00 - 19:00 on September 30 (the day before the holiday), and 08:00 - 12:00 on October 1. It is suggested to avoid those periods with heavy traffic flows.

Rush Hour II: the returning peak on the afternoon of October 8 (the last day of the holiday), especially the period after 16:00 which is easy to be congested due to the surge of vehicles for returning to Zhengzhou. Furthermore, during the period, the road section that of leaving from highway to enter the downtown is very easy to be blocked. It is suggested to return earlier so as to avoid the peak hours.

Predicted by the traffic police department, the peripheral expressway exits, expressway provincial boundary stations, and construction sections, as well as the peripheral expressway sections for entering hot scenic areas of Zhengzhou, Kaifeng and Luoyang are the main road segments for traffic congestion. During the eight-day holiday, seven easy-blocking sections are expected to be the following expressway segments:

The road sections of Putian, Xinzheng and Xuchang of Beijing - Hong Kong - Macao Expressway; road sections of Xuchang, Pingdingshan and Fangcheng of Lankao - Nanyang Expressway; Shizushan Tunnel of Xinzheng of Zhengzhou - Yaoshan Expressway; Liujiang Yellow River Bridge of Beijing - Hong Kong - Macao Expressway; 627-kilometer east to west tunnel section of Gongyi, and Zhengzhou of Lianyungang - Horgos Expressway; road section of Xinmi, Zhengzhou of Zhengzhou - Shaolin Temple Expressway; Kaifeng Station of Lianyungang - Horgos Expressway; and Provincial Boundary Station of Nanyang, Henan and Hubei of Erenhot - Guangzhou Expressway. Citizens shall plan the travel route in advance.

Advance Notification on the Construction Sections of the Expressways in Henan Province

The nearby main road of Zhengzhou East Service Area - 660-kilometer distance from Zhengzhou Station of Beijing - Hong Kong - Macao Expressway; 685-kilometer distance from Zhengzhou Station of Beijing - Hong Kong - Macao Expressway; nearby main road of Zhongmou Service Area - 549-kilometer distance from Zhengzhou Station of Lianyungang - Horgos Expressway; and the nearby main road of Zhengzhou North Service Area - 587-kilometer distance from Zhengzhou Station of Lianyungang - Horgos Expressway. Those sections adopt the relief road transit. Please slow down or detour in advance.

The road section of 362-kilometer distance from Shangqiu Station of Lianyungang - Horgos Expressway and the north half range (Lianyungang - Zhengzhou) of the 700-meter to 374-kilometer distance for overpassing the flyover of Beijing - Kowloon Railway are totally closed for construction. While, the south half range can normally transit. The east-to-west vehicles shall detour the Jinan - Guangzhou Expressway, and then veer the Shangqiu - Zhoukou Expressway, finally return to the Lianyungang - Horgos Expressway to drive westward in advance.

The 53-kilometer section from Yuzhou Station of Zhengzhou - Yaoshan Expressway narrows its road due to the construction of Zhengzhou - Wanzhou Rapid Transit Railway, allowing the single-track two-lane passage.

The 176-kilometer section + 109-meter flyover from Jiaozuo Station of Changyuan - Jiyuan Expressway; the bridge of Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport - Xihua Expressway, 28-30 kilometers away from Zhengzhou Station of Zhengzhou - Minquan Expressway; the bridge, 88-90 kilometers away from Anyang Station of Nanle - Linzhou Expressway; the 89-kilometer section that from Luanchuan to Luoyang of Luoyang - Luanchuan Expressway are under construction, allowing the one-side two-direction passage.

The bridge, 2,072-2,074 kilometers away from Zhoukou Station of Daqing - Guangzhou Expressway is under construction, allowing the two-lane passage, while over-limit vehicles are forbidden.

The bridge, 139-141 kilometers away from Zhoukou Station of Shangqiu - Zhoukou Expressway is under construction, allowing the single-lane passage, while over-limit vehicles are forbidden.

The Following Peripheral Toll Stations Are Easy to Be Congested.

The northern Lianyungang - Horgos Expressway: Liulin Station and Huiji Station. The eastern Beijing - Hong Kong - Macao Expressway: Putian Station and Hanghai East Road Station. The southern Southwest City Beltway: Houzhai Station, Shibalihe Station and Yellow Emperor Hometown Station. The western Zhengzhou - Shaolin Temple Expressway and Southwest City Beltway: Southwest Station of Zhengzhou - Shaolin Temple Expressway.

During the vacation, it is suggested to choose the surrounding expressway toll stations of Zhengzhou which are relatively “less popular” or erected more lanes: East Third Ring North Station, Zhengdong New District Station, Cherry Groove Station, South Daxue Road Station, West Longhai Road Station, West Zhongyuan Road, Yulong Station or Science Avenue Station.

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