Feeling Charming Ancient Capital Together! Colorful Activities Themed “Visiting Xinzheng in Summer” Launched

In order to enrich the supply of cultural tourism products in Xinzheng during the summer vacation, vigorously develop the “night tour economy”, further boost cultural and tourism consumption, and promote the rapid development of the cultural and tourism economy in Xinzheng, the Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau of Xinzheng City persists in implementing regular epidemic prevention and control measures, organizes the city's cultural and tourism enterprises to step up their efforts to resume work and business activities, and prepares colorful cultural and tourism activities and preferential measures for tourists, to create a strong atmosphere of “Visiting Xinzheng in Summer”.

Before August 28, the Huangdi Romance Park launches the "Thousand-Faces Electronic Music Festival", the electronic music carnival, the geocentric party, the thousand-faces ball, the ice and snow world, the water splashing battle and many other activities. Visitors can play for 10 hours from 10:00 to 21:00 every day, to enjoy both day and night. In addition, unlimited park admission on summer nights is offered, only 59 yuan per person (excluding the Show of Huangdi). Before August 31, the Qianjiaji Scenic Area holds the "Qianjiaji Foodie Festival in Summer Night" from 19:00 to 21:00 every day. Tourists can participate in the mini-games themed “Eat Well, Drink Well and Play Well” for free. The Dahanyao Happy Pastoral Scenic Area provides free tickets for the water park before July 30.

From July 21 to August 28, the “2022 Zhengzhou First Large-scale Songkran Music Festival + Light Show” will be held at the Haoxiangni Jinlu Ostrich Park in Xinzheng. And you will enjoy the visual feast brought by the “large-scale light show” and the “fireworks waterfall show” in the park. In addition, the “electronic music carnival season” and original Dai-style Songkran Festival can get you seriously intoxicated.

From July to August, the Xinzheng Museum of Imperial Examination institute holds the “Little Champion” activity, accompanied by the first writing ceremony, the explanation for cultural courses and games. The museum also set up the academic examination, the autumn examination, the metropolitan examination and the palace examination, to make teenagers a deeper understanding of differences between the imperial examination system in ancient China and the modern examination system. From July to September, tourists from Zhengzhou can buy 50% off tickets with their ID cards, and this year's candidates for the college entrance examination can visit the museum for free with their exam attendance dockets or letters of admission.

From July to September, the Zheng State Horse and Chariot Pit Scenic Area in Xinzheng launches an essay competition themed "My Story with the Horse and Chariot Pit". During the activity, all the contestants only need to buy a full-price ticket for a family of four (the voucher for the submitted works shall prevail); a family of three only needs to buy a full-price ticket with the student ID card; people holding Xinzheng's labor union membership cards can get a 50% discount on tickets.

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