Brilliant! The Yellow River Culture Month Kicks off Today in Zhengzhou

In this golden autumn, Zhengzhou, as the main landmark of the Yellow River Culture, ushers in a grand event — 2022 China (Zhengzhou) Yellow River Culture Month — to spread and carry forward the Yellow River Culture this afternoon.

To better play a leading role in the national strategy of the Yellow River, Zhengzhou planned to hold the 2022 China (Zhengzhou) Yellow River Culture Month themed “People along Yellow River Expresses Gratitude to the Party”. The organizer wishes to continuously enhance the popularity and influence of brands exhibited in the Yellow River Culture Month through the organization of continuous activities, and strives to build this event into a carrier and an important window to show the Yellow River Culture to the world. During this event, Zhengzhou will tell the stories of the Yellow River to extend the historical context, explore the values of the times, enhance cultural confidence, and promote the exchange and mutual learning between Chinese civilization and world civilization.

The 2022 China (Zhengzhou) Yellow River Culture Month kicked off in the new venue of Zhengzhou Art Museum at 16:30 on September 18. The Yellow River Culture Month will organize five series of 25 activities around the 20th CPC National Congress until late November.


Exhibition and Performance about Yellow River Literature and Art

1 Exhibition and performance week of folk artworks from nine provinces (autonomous regions) along the Yellow River. Sponsored by China Quyi Artists Association, it is scheduled to be held in Zhengzhou in early November.

2 National Image Art Exhibition themed “New Era · Yellow River People’s Love” Sponsored by the China Photographers Association, it is scheduled to be held in the new venue of Zhengzhou Art Museum from November 16 to 25.

3 Celebrating the Centenary of China Children’s Film & 2022 China (Zhengzhou) Golden Elephant Children’s Film Honor Ceremony.

4 Large-scale acrobatic scene drama “Ode to the Yellow River” - Acrobatics performances in nine provinces along the Yellow River.

5 Mini-novel Art Week themed “Tell the Yellow River story with mini-novels”. Sponsored by China Writers Association, it is scheduled to be held in Zhengzhou from November 11 to 17.

Series of Cultural Events themed “Ode to the Great River”

1 Masterpiece in the Grottoes - Exhibition of High-relief Rubbing Art of Grotto Statues along the Yellow River in the Central Plains. It is scheduled to be held in the temporary exhibition hall on the first floor of Shangdu Site Museum on September 19.

2 The Mainstream Media Tour themed “Yellow River in Zhengzhou”, is scheduled to be held in the Zhengzhou Media Group Building on the afternoon of September 18.

3 The series events of Yellow River Culture Reading Month, are scheduled to kick off on September 18 and will last for one month.

4 National Short and Medium Video Competition themed “Share the Happiness to Embrace the 20th CPC National Congress”.

5 Converged media events and creation forums titled “Eulogy to the Great River” in nine provinces (autonomous regions) along the Yellow River.

6 Yellow River Music Festival.

Series Events of Yellow River Cultural Tourism

Stage art performance season about Yellow River Culture. High-quality plays with great influence and popularity at home and abroad will be introduced and a number of high-quality performances that benefit the people to meet the citizens’ yearning for a better spiritual and cultural life.

Series symphony concert by Zhengzhou Symphony Orchestra. Zhengzhou Symphony Orchestra, as a local young symphony band, will give full play its advantages to present high-level symphony concerts to the public at the time of the 20th CPC National Congress.

Wang Gang: What makes the Yellow River — Contemporary Yellow River Themed Art Research Exhibition. It will be held in the new Zhengzhou Art Museum from September 18.

Online/Offline Chorus of the Yellow River

China (Zhengzhou) Yellow River Chorus Week will be held in Zhengzhou in October and November during the Yellow River Culture Month. This event will be held offline and online. Art lectures will be delivered by famous artists, and chorus competitions will be organized online. All these activities will present a unique Yellow River audio-visual feast to audiences via all media livestream.

Dance Week themed “Leading Zhengzhou to the World with Dance”

The Zhengzhou Break Dance and Street Dance Competition for Teenagers will be held from October 4 to 29.

China (Zhengzhou) International Standard Dancing Open Championship. It is scheduled to be held from October 1 to 5. Four winners of international competitions and Asian champions will be invited as guests, and a modern dance master training camp and a Latin dance master training camp will be held. In addition, international and national judges will also be invited to ensure the fairness and impartiality of the competition.

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