Zhengzhou Library Launches an Activity Called "Selection of Top Ten Readers in 2020"

2020 is about to come to an end. How do we thank the readers who care about the library and love reading life? It is learned from the Zhengzhou Library today that from now on, the library will launch the "Selection of Top Ten Readers in 2020" activity.

The readers to be selected shall meet the following standards:

Readers who hold the library card of Zhengzhou Library and use the 24-hour self-service library to borrow books, care for books, and read in a civilized manner;

Readers who use the library to read and study, and who been benefited with their thinking, work, and study, or who have achieved certain results;

Readers who care about the development of the library and put forward good suggestions and opinions on the promotion of library development; and

Readers who are enthusiastic about the library cause and make certain contributions to the promotion of reading.

Readers who will participate in the evaluation are requested to fill out the Form of Recommendation.

The Form of Recommendation is available at the Inquiry Desk on the first ground of the library, or can be downloaded at the library’s official website,

The filled Form of Recommendation is required to be handed in at the Inquiry Desk on the first ground of the library by December 16, 2020, or be sent to

The library will conduct the selection by strict application of the standards. The selected readers will be awarded.

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