Epidemic Prevention 丨 Important! Citizens Should Wear Masks Properly When Going Out

On July 11, Zhengzhou's Center for Disease Control and Prevention issued a health alert that the new coronavirus variants spreading around China include Omicron sub-lineages BA.2 and BA.5. The BA.5 variant has been found to spread more rapidly in some areas, which can evade immunity from vaccination and past infection. Citizens are advised to wear masks properly to reduce the risk of infection.

As local COVID-19 cases have occurred in Zhengzhou, experts suggested that citizens are required to actively cooperate with a COVID-19 epidemic investigation request and emergency response work, carry out self-protection measures, wear masks properly, maintain social distancing, maintain personal hygiene, receive routine nucleic acid tests, actively scan the “venue code” and get a COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible. If citizens have symptoms, such as fever, coughing, diarrhea and tiredness, they should properly wear masks and go to the nearby fever clinics for treatment in time.

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