Zhengzhou Metro Offers the First Batch of One-Day Pass and Three-Day Pass

According to the Zhengzhou Metro, two kinds of new tickets are released by Zhengzhou Metro at 11 subway stations from today. The first batch of 5,000 tickets of One-Day Pass and 3,000 tickets of Three-Day Pass will be available.

It is reported that One-Day Pass and Three-Day Pass are newly released tickets by Zhengzhou Metro, and they are widely used by metros in other places. The main feature of the day pass is that passengers can take the subway unlimitedly within the limited time, and don’t need to queue up to buy tickets or take the trouble to calculate the relation between the journey and ticket price. This will be very cost-effective for people who come to Zhengzhou for traveling or examination, or who need to take the subway many times in a short time to handle affairs within the city.

The rules for the new day-pass are: the ticket card is limited to one person per ticket; the ticket card shall be used before December 31, the following year after purchase. No deposit, no refill, no refundable ticket after sale. Also: One-Day Pass is available for unlimited times within 24 hours after first entrance of swiping the card, it’s RMB 18; Three-Day Pass is available for unlimited times within 72 hours after first entrance of swiping the card, it’s RMB 35. After the operation length of the subway is more than 200 kilometers in the future, the price will be raised to RMB 20 and RMB 45.

The first batch of the new tickets are avaliable in 11 service center of subway stations since tomorrow, including the City Sports Center, Zhengzhou East Railway Station, Exhibition Center, Zijinshan, Erqi Square, Zhengzhou Railway Station, and Qinling Road of line 1, Liuzhuang and Guanhutun of line 2, and Shuanghu Dadao and Xinzheng International Airport of suburban line.

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