Activity|”Sunshine in the Mask”—Online Themed Drawing

In an effort to win the tough battle against COVID-19 and send a positive message to society, Zhengzhou Cultural Center organizes an online drawing activity with the theme of “Sunshine in the Mask” to encourage art lovers to draw colorful masks.

Requirements for Entries

The entries are required to keep to the theme of pandemic control, eulogizing health workers, extolling Party members who combat COVID-19 at the frontline in primary prevention and control, telling stories of preventing the pandemic and popularizing scientific knowledge of pandemic containment and healthy lifestyles.

Submission of Entries

The format of images should be JPG, JPEG, or PNG, and the file size should not exceed 5M.

Criteria for Evaluation

1. Entries should publicize protection measures and positive messages.

2. Creativity and drawing skills respectively account for 50% of the score, which is the evaluation criteria for excellent works.


There has not been an end time until the end of this outbreak in principle.

Ways to Participate

1. Enter WeChat official account of [Zhengzhou Cultural Center]

Zhengzhou Cultural Center

The WeChat official account of Zhengzhou Cultural Center aims to publicize and share the information and dynamics of cultural work.

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WeChat Official Account

(Click the above name card to enter the official account of Zhengzhou Cultural Center)

2. Click [Activity Registration] in the navigation bar

3. Click [Sunshine in the Mask] — Painting Collection

4. Click [participating in the activity]

If there is something wrong when uploading works, please join the group “Sunshine in the Mask” — Painting Collection for consultation.


1. Participants should make sure that their works are original, and in the case of any copyright disputes, the participants involved shall shoulder the corresponding responsibility.

2. The copyrights in the works should belong to the corresponding authors themselves. Zhengzhou Cultural Center only reserves the right of publicizing, promoting and publishing the works to the public, and won’t profit from the works.

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