Press Conference for the 2nd New Year Circus Art Festival of Henan in 2015

Release time: 17:15:03 on January 7, 2015   Source: The Culture and Tourism Bureau of Huiji Distict   Written by Zhang Juan 

On January 6, 2015, the press conference of the 2nd New Year Circus Art Festival of Henan in 2015 and the free tickets releasing ceremony of “Care for Sanitation Workers & Gardeners” was held in the conference center of Green Source Landscape in Huiji District. It is the second time that the Culture and Tourism Bureau of Huiji District hosts the circus art festival in Huiji District. This time the festival is sponsored by Zhengzhou Green Source Landscape Ecological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd. During the press conference, the organizer Culture and Tourism Bureau of Huiji District sent “the most honorable people” -- sanitation workers and gardeners of Zhengzhou a wonderful new-year gift which is the VIP tickets of the 2nd New Year Circus Art Festival to thank them for their hard work that made the city become more beautiful and harmonious.
        The Green Source Landscape “2015 ? The 2nd New Year Circus Art Festival of Henan” will last 15 days from January 1 to January 15 of Lunar Calendar with 29 performances in total, which makes it the show with the longest time span, most sessions, highest standard and widest influence.
        Based on the success of the 1st New Year Circus Art Festival of Henan in 2014, the 2015 festival will maintain last year’s excellent performances and at the same time fully upgrade the hardware facilities and performance arrangements. This year’s festival will gather the best circus shows around the world and combine splendidness and fun by breaking through old traditions and creating new arrangements. First, the hardware facilities have been upgraded: The new circus hall is built based on the concept of “circus entertainment city”. It covers an area of 5,000 square meters with more than 1,500 seats. Besides, it uses the most advanced environmentally friendly materials imported from Europe and is equipped with the most advanced audio and photoelectric technology and dynamic stage art devices. A waiting area is added to the stage entrance and exit and the circus hall is expanded; meanwhile, they have hired better performers: The “animal performers” in this year’s festival include purebred horses, black bears, lions, tigers and the hottest online “mythical creature” -- alpaca. Moreover, the performance by foreign performers will be given everyday during the circus art festival. Double-decker bus city tour, interaction with clowns, magic shows and other wonderful and funny performances will provide you a very different new year which can let you put down your mobile phone, walk away from the table-board and enjoy nature; such an entertainment way of learning through lively activities is certainly going to be the best choice for the citizens to spend their quality time.
         Second, the ticket is also upgraded. To benefit visitors, the ticket price has been decreased to RMB 80, which is ultra low. At the same, there will be family ticket in this year’s festival, which will bring more surprises to local people. With all the above measures, more and more visitors can appreciate the amazing circus art and have a happy new year in Zhengzhou.
         Performance information for the Green Source Landscape “2015 ? The 2nd New Year Circus Art Festival of Henan”:
         Show Time: February 19 to March 5, 2015 (From January 1 to 15 of Lunar Calendar in 2015)
         Performing Schedule: 15:50 on January 1 of Lunar Calendar; 10:50 and 15:50 from January 2 to January 15 of Lunar Calendar
         Performance Venue: Green Source Landscape (3.6 km west to the intersection of Tianhe Road and Yellow River Dike)
         Ticket Price: VIP (RMB 380)/ RMB 180/ RMB 120/ RMB 80
         Package Price: RMB 800 (RMB 380*3)/ RMB 400 (RMB 180*3)/ RMB 300 (RMB 120*3)


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