Swan Lake is Newly Added to the Attractions List of the Afforestation Garden of Zhengzhou

Boasting natural and ecological environment, the Afforestation Garden of Zhengzhou is a perfect habitat for various animals. Recently, a group of new friends – black swans, was warmly welcomed by the Afforestation Garden.
       It is known that black swans are native to Australia. As an important member of the swan family, black swan is a kind of globally famous ornamental bird. They feature black feather (partly white in primaries), and flocculent, grey feather on their dorsum.
       At present, nearly hundreds of black swans can be seen in the Afforestation Garden of Zhengzhou. There are also various waterfowls including white swans, mandarin ducks and mallards. Living in perfect harmony with each other contentedly, they bring limitless happiness to the Afforestation Garden in winter.
      Would you like to have fun with numerous black swans while enjoying the sight of wonderful landscapes, breathing the fresh air and basking in the warm sunshine in the park? Come to the Afforestation Garden of Zhengzhou on any sunny day!

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