The Cradle of Kungfu, the Holy Mountain of Chinese Culture



Travel Schedule
1. Wushu tour route:
Shaolin Temple—Pagoda Forest—Watching Wushu performance—Learning Shaolin Kungfu under the guidance of Wushu coach;

2. Archeological tour routes:
Route A:
Dengfeng Observatory—Museum of Ancient Ruins of Xia Dynasty—Taishi Towers—Zhongyue Temple—Songyang Academy—Songyue Pagoda;

Route B:
Zhongyue Temple—Songyang Academy—Qimu Towers—Taishi Mountain;

Route C:
Zhongyue Temple—Songyue Pagoda—Pagoda Forest in Shaolin Temple—Shaolin Temple;

3. Landscape tour routes:
Route A:
Songyang Academy—Climbing Songshan Mountain and visiting Luya Waterfall;
Route B:
Sanhuang Village—Shaoshi Mountain—Shaolin Temple;

4. Forest tour routes:
Route A:
Fawang Temple—Taishi Mountain of Songshan Mountain—Luya Waterfall;

Route B:
Sanhuang Village—Shaolin Temple—Pagoda Forest

5. Geological tour routes:
Route A:
Songshan Geological Museum—Climbing Songshan Mountain and visiting geological relics

Route B:
Songshan Geological Museum—Visiting Sanhuang Village and watching geological relics (A Thread of Sky, stalagmites, peak cluster, etc.) —Shaolin Temple

6. Astronomical tour route:
Visiting the oldest astronomical building in China, also the longest-serving one in the world—The Duke of Zhou’s Shadows Measuring Platform and Observatory of Yuan Dynasty, visiting Huishan Temple on Songshan Mountain where Monk Yixing, the world cultural celebrity and famous astronomer in ancient China, practiced Buddhism.

7. Cultural tour route:
Songyang Academy—Dengfeng Observatory—Shaolin Temple—Shaolin Zen Music Ritual

Special Instructions/Notice to Tourists/Announcements
Temperature in Dengfeng City at dawn or dusk may be low, please wear proper clothes according to the weather at noon.

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