Mengtian Farm Launches the 2nd Gold Finger Grape Harvest Festival

Gold finger grape, known as “the Sweetest Grape in the World”, once successfully refreshed the Guinness World Record with the sugar content of 26.8%. Meanwhile, the 2nd Gold Finger Grape Harvest Festival kicks off in the Mengtian Parent-child Farm, the largest gold finger grape planting farm in Zhengzhou.
     Reporters in the opening ceremony witnessed that staff narrated the origin and planting patterns of gold finger grape, popularized the scientific knowledge about the necessary environmental conditions for planting gold finger, and measured the sugar content of the fresh gold finger grape on the spot. It turned out that the sugar content was 22%, which surprised the present guests.
     During the opening ceremony, staff invited farmers to take the first bite of the grapes—the fruits of their one-year work. The ceremony was designed as not only the Chipao show of Dashan Parent-child Education Volunteer Group, but a 20th wedding anniversary of a couple in the farm. After the ceremony, all participating guests started to pick grapes.

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