2014 World Tourism Cities’ Show Held at Zhengzhou International Conference and Exhibition Center


In the morning on November 17, World Tourism Cities’ Show, as one of key events of China (Zhengzhou) International Mayor’s Forum on Tourism, was held at Zhengzhou International Conference and Exhibition Center. Six foreign tourism cities and the host city Zhengzhou made their appearances in succession and showed their distinctive cityscapes.
     During the event, Mr. Scott Supernaw, Chairman of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) and Mr. Xu Jing, Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific at the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) attended the Show and delivered speeches. The representatives from six foreign excellent tourism cities, including Madrid, Spain; Cape Town, South Africa; Auckland, New Zealand; Uglich, Russia; Innsbruck, Austria; Andong, South Korea, came to the stage in succession to introduce their tourism characteristics and local customs and present the cityscapes through videos, reality shows, featured performances, etc.
     Throughout the Show presented by various cities, Zhengzhou as the host city gave the finale show, which consists of four parts: The Centre of Heaven and Earth, Hometown of Chinese Kungfu, Metropolis of Great Vigor, and Realm of Grand Beauty. Starting with the history, culture, features, landscapes and visions of Zhengzhou, the attending guests were impressed by an image of modern metropolis featuring brilliant culture, great vigor, gracious hospitality, and harmonious happiness through the beautiful classical dancing, powerful Shaolin Kungfu, vigorous street dancing, etc. The performance, combining strength and gentleness and coupling ancient with modern, set off an upsurge of the Forum and received much applause. The attending guests all expressed that they were deeply impressed by the cityscapes of Zhengzhou. Since Zhengzhou is not only blessed with abundant tourism resources, but also boasts profound historical and cultural sedimentation, these guests were highly interested in the tourism market of Zhengzhou and hoped to have the opportunities to develop further exchange and cooperation.
     In the concluding remarks, Mr. Xu Jing, Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific at UNWTO indicated that tourism is a great bridge that promotes the better communication and exchange among cities and pushes the international community towards friendship, development and peace; tourism is also an envoy of friendship that eliminates wars and conflicts from the world, which is the significance of holding this Forum. As for the Show and Forum, Mr. Xu gave a good appraisal and thought it was really a world-class event no matter in terms of preparation or organization. At last, he expected to visit Zhengzhou again in 2016.

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