Two Tourism Projects of Zhengzhou Successfully Signed at IMFT 2014


Signing a Tourism Cooperation Agreement

     In the afternoon on November 16, Zhengzhou Airport Comprehensive Economic Experimental Zone and Henan Tourism Projects Investment and Cooperation Promotion Symposium, as one of the key events of 2014 International Mayor’s Forum on Tourism, was held in Zhengzhou International Conference and Exhibition Center. At the Symposium, 60 tourism projects worth nearly RMB 100 billion were successfully signed, among which two projects with total investment amount of RMB 12.6 billion were signed by Zhengzhou.
     Contracted project I: Phoenix International Cultural Industry Park Project of Phoenix Satellite Television
     With a total investment amount of RMB 12 billion and a construction period of five years, the project is located in Lvbo Cultural Industry Park. Focusing on three functional zones like Phoenix mainstream industry media, fashion news release, and cultural & creative industry, the project will set up Central China Media Center, International Fashion Center, Cultural and Creative Center, Contemporary Art Center, Central China Performance Center, Cultural and Financial Center, Television and Film Development Center, etc.
     The Hong Kong-based Phoenix Satellite TV Group is a world-known influential satellite TV media. Since its establishment in 1996, Phoenix Satellite TV has developed into a multinational multimedia group enjoying certain reputation in international community due to extensive global market and successful expansion strategy. Currently Phoenix TV operates a series of channels with complete coverage of the globe and is deeply appreciated by overseas Chinese and respected by the global mainstream society. It also boasts successful investment and operation experience in the aspects like new media, print media, outdoor media, broadcasting and education, while it is provided with abundant project resources and cooperative partners at home and abroad.
     Contracted project II: Ancient Village Ecotourism Development Project in Lvlou, Xinmi
     Covering an area of 180 mu, Lvlou Ancient Village Tourism Area is located in Lvlou Village, Liuzhai Town, Xinmi City. Lvlou Village has been ratified as the traditional ancient village of Henan and the beautiful village of Henan and has applied for the title “Traditional Ancient Village of China”. The Village has a large-scale ancient architectural complex in Central China, which consists of more than 20 ancient architectures built in late Ming and early Qing dynasties, including a four-storey ancient architecture that is rarely found in China. Meanwhile, the Village enjoys profound cultural heritages in porcelain, traditional opera, textiles and commerce & trade, and is a blessed place for developing rural tourism in Central China.
     With an investment amount of RMB 600 million, the project is to be jointly invested by Wenzhou Wanrong Investment Co., Ltd. and Zhengzhou Lvlou Culture Development Co., Ltd. to develop and construct movie and TV base, ecological plantation, water park, etc.

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