Zhengzhou Overall Tourism Work Observation and Promotion Conference & China Tourism Day Themed Event Held in Zhongmou County

Launching Ceremony of the Event


     On May 19, 2015, Zhengzhou Overall Tourism Work Observation and Promotion Conference & China Tourism Day Themed Event were held in Zhongmou National Agricultural Park. The Event was attended by Shu Anna, Deputy Director of Zhengzhou Municipal People's Congress, Yang Fuping, Vice Mayor of Zhengzhou Municipal People's Government, Wu Xiaojun, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Zhengzhou Municipal Committee, and the heads of Zhengzhou Municipal General Office, Zhengzhou Tourism Administration, Zhengzhou Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee and Zhengzhou Civilization Office. The responsible leaders of counties (county-level cities and districts) and development zones, the principals of tourism administration departments, and over 100 key tourism enterprises also participated in the Event. Vice Mayor Yang Fuping declared the event open, while the launching ceremony was presided over by Deputy Secretary-General Feng Weiping.

Vice Mayor Yang Fuping Declares the Event Open


Director-General Zhang Jiefeng Introduces the Situation of Overall Tourism Work Promotion in Zhengzhou


     At the launching ceremony, Director-General Zhang Jiefeng introduced the situation of overall tourism work promotion in Zhengzhou. Since last December when the conference calling for accelerating tourism industry development throughout Zhengzhou was held, Zhengzhou made great effort in promoting the tourism industry development throughout Zhengzhou and achieved remarkable results. Zhengzhou Tourism Administration took active actions to initiate the planning and drafting work promptly for promoting tourism industry throughout Zhengzhou, establish nine tourism industry promotion working teams, and promote the key livelihood projects such as construction of smart city and installation of tourist traffic signs. The concept of focusing on tourism industry development throughout Zhengzhou was becoming increasingly specific, the actions were taken more consciously, and the effort made in promoting the tourism industry was increased significantly across the city, particularly in some counties and districts such as Zhongmou, Dengfeng, Xingyang, Xinmi and Erqi. To varying degrees, however, there were still some problems such as insufficient awareness, unbalanced development and unspecific measures in several counties (county-level cities and districts). During the Event, the observers paid close attention to two scenic areas—Fate Happy World, Zhongmou National Agricultural Park and the construction of ecological corridor, tourist infrastructures, and tourist hotels. Through the information about tourism work promotion in Zhongmou learnt from the on-site observations, the observers witnessed the new changes that have occurred in Zhongmou County during the process of developing tourism industry throughout Zhengzhou.

The Participating Leaders Visit the Booths


     On the same day, Zhengzhou Tourism Administration further organized the activities such as “Civilized Tourism Starts with Me” and promotion of general knowledge about rights protection, with the purposes of leading citizens to pleasant and civilized journey and rational consumption. The tourism enterprises launched a series of special offers with extensive participation and various forms, including free delivery of tickets, discounts for tourism itinerary products, and great bargain on starred tourism hotels.

     Through this Event, the awareness of promoting tourism industry development throughout Zhengzhou became more unified across the city. The counties (county-level cities and districts) had more specific goals to and higher confidence in promoting the tourism industry development by combining with the resource characteristics in the areas under administration. The news about this Event also attracted the mainstream news media of Zhengzhou to widely report and the major news websites in China to forward and republish, which has evoked great repercussions in society.

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