Flowers Vie with Each Other in Beauty at Zhengzhou Xiliu Lake, Attracting Citizens to Visit Free of Charge


On the morning of June 19, 2015, a perennial flowers show themed by “Green and Flowery Zhengzhou” was held in the “Flower House” at the west side of Fanchuan Square on the western side of Beihu District in Xiliu Lake Park. This flower show was organized by Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Parks and Woods and sponsored by Zhengzhou Xiliu Lake Park and co-sponsored by BLD Flower Co. Ltd. Representatives of Zhengzhou Municipal Civilization Office and Zhengzhou Bureau of Parks and Woods, as well as many urban tourists were attracted to visit the flower show.

With an area of 20,000 square meters, the “Flower Garden” accommodates over 120 varieties and 500,000 perennial flowers. The flowers are planted in different ways. Seven different kinds of perennial flowers, including Verbena bonariensis, leucanthemum, milfoil, purple coneflower, Rudbeckia laciniata, Physostegia virginiana and dianthus, are arranged into a “colorful belt” decorating the scenic area with appealing charm. Perennial flowers such as coreopsis, lavender, hibiscus moscheutos and sedums are planted on a large scale, making visitors reluctant to leave the sea of flowers. Throatroot, African daisy, blanket flower, penstemon, digitalis and Dahlia hybrid intersperse on the road, forming a flower border which is delicate and impressive. A great amount of ornamental flowers including fragrans, flowering pomegranate, hibiscus, loquat and oriental cherry are planted on the both sides of the road.

Meanwhile, the stratification of landscapes is enriched by virtue of various dendritic quartzes. To enhance the visual effect, small garden ornaments including ancient paths, revived trees, vintage walls and hometown-style elements are newly added. Ancient path: mangers are applied skillfully to create a bold and vigorous visual effect, bringing people back to the ancient times. Revived trees: planting holes are made by virtue of processed dead tree boles, not only showing an original planting method, but also play a role of guardrail; vintage walls: traditional grey bricks and earthenware are applied to pile up vintage walls, so as to present a scene of pastoral life; hometown-style elements: farmyard-style wood cars and bowies are decorated with flowers to create pastoral flavor, which is reminiscent of the hometown in childhood.

The flower show will last 20 days (till July 9). During the show, scientific knowledge about perennial flowers will be publicized in forms like suspending promotion plates, and special personnel will be assigned to provide guidance on the household planting skills. Park-related units and flower arrangement lovers will be invited to take part in the flower arrangement game related to lotus and perennial flowers. Shutterbugs will be invited to attend photographic exhibition and publicize the achievements in the construction of Xiliu Lake Park. Famous calligraphers and calligraphy amateurs in Zhengzhou will be invited to write socialist core values, poetries and well-known sayings about parks on the occasion, and to give away their work to citizens and tourists. In this way, tourists can develop a passion for nature and kindness when enjoying the sight of landscapes.

Visitors can go for a free visit to Xiliu Lake Park by taking Bus No.B3, Bus No.31 (Debus at West 3rd Ring Road Xiliu Lake Station or Northern Chenwuzhai Station).




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