Zhengzhou Cherry Festival (Time, Place and Route Information of 2015 Zhengzhou Cherry Festival)

Time for eating cherries again! Zhengzhou, abundant in cherries, holds the Cherry Festival every year when the cherries are ripe. So, when will the Cherry Festival be held in 2015? Are tickets required during this festival? Where this festival will be held this year? How to attend it? Next, let us find the answers together!

There is a place in Zhengzhou named Cherry Valley. Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city and surrounded by mountains, it boasts beautiful environment and fresh air. Every March, there is an ocean of cherry blossoms here, with birds singing between and the fragrance of flowers spreading far and wide. In late April, cherries enter the ripe period. In May, attractive and lovely cherries are hanging on the branches, waiting for people to pick them.

So, when will Zhengzhou Cherry Festival be held in 2015?

The 9th of 2015 Zhengzhou Cherry Festival will be held in the Cherry Valley Scenic Spot on the afternoon of May 9, 2015. The best pickup period will last for about a month.

Are tickets required during Zhengzhou Cherry Festival?

It is predicted that the entrance ticket for Cherry Valley is 10 RMB per person this year. People can enjoy delicious cherries in the cherry park as they wish. But extra money shall be paid if they want to take cherries home. Small cherries are sold for 20 RMB/kg and large cherries for 40-50 RMB/kg. (Subject to real situation)

How to attend 2015 Zhengzhou Cherry Festival?

Drive Route: Zhengzhou Cherry Valley is about 15 kilometers southwest of Zhengzhou City. Take Bus No. 317 at Medical College of Zhengzhou University directly to Cherry Valley directly. Take Bus No. 317 at Medical College of Zhengzhou University directly to Cherry Valley directly.

In May, the Cherry Valley boasts a beautiful environment and convenient transportation. It is developing into a multi-functional, all-dimensional and comprehensive eco-tourism scenic spot integrating relaxation, vacation, catering, and recreation with fitness. If you love cherries and want to enjoy the fun of cherry picking, please come and participate in Zhengzhou Cherry Festival this year.

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