Flowers Blooming in Zhengzhou Afforestation Garden


In early spring, Zhengzhou Afforestation Garden is full of vitality with tulips, cherry blossoms, crabapples, redbuds and peonies in full blossom, covering the whole garden with a carpet of “flowers”. It is the best destination for citizens to go for spring outings.

There is a kind of blue-violet florets, blooming for months from early spring to late spring and bringing to you vast stretches of elegant, noble and fantastic violet flower sea. It is orychophragmus violace, a kind of beautiful flower different from noble plum blossoms and romantic cherry blossoms, but adorns the spring of Zhengzhou Afforestation Garden. Many tourists share the same feeling that wandering in the violet flower sea gives them an illusion of enjoying the lavenders in Provence.

The most beautiful “Cherry Blossom Season” of Zhengzhou Afforestation Garden has already come! While the cherry blossoms are in bloom, you can easily catch a glimpse of them just by walking around in this Garden. Near the European-style Park of the Garden, tourists can see a long “Cherry Blossom Lane”, on each side of the lane there are cherry blossom trees. The tourists are immersed in the beauty of flowers, as if walking into a pink fairytale world. During every season of cherry blossoms, the cherry blossoms of Zhengzhou Afforestation Garden will burst into gorgeous bloom. It is also a special experience to walk under stretches of flourishing cherry blossom trees and be bathed in a “cherry blossom rain”.

Zhengzhou Afforestation Garden boasts various kinds of flowers. If you want to watch the gracious peony, the Heze Garden and Yuhua Garden will be your favorite. Recently, Zhengzhou Afforestation Garden introduced nearly 50,000 blooming and graceful peonies with different colors from Heze City, so citizens could enjoy the magnificent peony show in Zhengzhou Afforestation Garden before April 25.


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