Plum Blossom Show Starts in Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden, Lasting till Early April


When spring comes after winter, the weather is warming up, everything comes to life again, and the flowers in Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden blossom in a riot of color. If you want to actually feel the springtime and wander in flowers, come to Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden!

It’s learnt that the Plum Blossom Show in Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden has opened since this week. A lot of tourists have been attracted because now the plum blossom is in bloom and this period is the best time to admire the beautiful scenery. Besides, according to staff in Green Expo Garden the show is held in Wenhuajie Area which is on the east side of park square and will last till early April. Plum blossom adds some comeliness to the Green Expo Garden in early spring. When you walk through it, you can smell the pleasant fragrance of flowers and enjoy a sense of freshness and exhilaration.There are plum blossoms of red, green, white as well as sorbaria sorbifolia, all in different shapes with buds trembling in the wind with ebullience. Indeed everything is charming to the eye.

Recently, together with relatives and friends, many citizens come to Green Expo Garden to commune with nature. They are flitting about in the plum blossom, frolicking and chasing. How fun it is! They take out cell phones、cameras, and take pictures of their relatives or friends smiling beside plum blossom. In the meantime, the splendid flowers also attracted many photographers to capture this beautiful moment of blossom. One photographer said: “I have been to Green Expo Garden to take pictures of plum blossom and I was shocked by its comeliness. This year it is in bloom again. So I set out early this morning from downtown to shoot it again.”

In addition, there are also winter jasmine flowers, forsythia, apricot flower, and malus spectabilis being in bloom in the park. Some flowers are still in bud while others are blooming. So find a time to come to Green Expo Garden -- a place that full of various kinds of blossoms!

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