Three Scenic Areas Jointly Witness Splendid New Year Customs

The full-dressed “Spring Girls” spread lucky cards among tourists, whipping spring cattle and worshipping the Kitchen God…… Yesterday was traditional “Preliminary Eve”, Shangdu Spring Festival Folk Temple Fair in the Year of Goat started simultaneously in the main venue of Zhengzhou Jinlu Ostrich Park and two parallel venues, Zhengzhou Butterfly Island in Lake Longqi and Zhengzhou Meteorological Museum, wishing tourists a blessed New Year. This Temple Fair will continue until the 16th of the first month of lunar year.

Yesterday, Jinlu Ostrich Park was decorated with lanterns and streamers, bursting with happiness. After a brief opening ceremony, three “Spring Girls” spread lucky cards to the public and guided them in observing folk activities such as the twelfth lunar month worshipping. Later on, they worshiped the Kitchen God according to folk customs, and invited the public to taste sesame candies and Long Table Banquet for free. Many citizens took their children with them to experience the folk custom of “Preliminary Eve” Kitchen God worshiping, all immersed in a happy atmosphere of celebrating the New Year.

It is known that to diversify the theme of Temple Fair Travel, the theme activities of Jinlu Ostrich Park, Butterfly Island in Lake Longqi and Zhengzhou Meteorological Museum for this Temple Fair were set as “Cultural Central China – Culture Show”, “Folk Customs of Central China – Return Home to Celebrate Spring Festival” and “Happy Central China – Popular Science Carnival” respectively. On the 26th of the twelfth month of the lunar year, “Wishful Goat”, mascot of this Spring Festival, will be unveiled on the Butterfly Island in Lake Longqi.During the temple fair, the sponsor will organize colorful tourism activities including culture performance, folklore performance, folk handicraft, interesting athletics, meteorological science and Spring Festival worshipping. Citizens can also attend wonderful folk activities including New Year praying for blessings and Lantern Festival, and activities such as blessing wash, poetry conference, micro-film shooting, ostriches and butterflies appreciation and meteorological popular science fair visiting.


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