Interesting Destination for the Spring Festival of 2016 — Zhengzhou Century Amusement Park


Spring Festival, the Lunar New Year, is an ancient and the most solemn holiday which is the lividest period in a year. During the Spring Festival of 2016, Zhengzhou Century Amusement Park is an interesting destination you cannot miss.  

There are lots of folklore performances and unique techniques such as dragon dance and lion dance. The sound of gongs and drums fills the air, and the food street is crowded with visitors. In addition, the perfect match of traditional festive lanterns and modern live-action light show is extremely shocked and unprecedented. It is a cannot-missing carnival. Are you ready?

Activity introduction: Live-Action Light Show, Eye-Catching Feast

Date: February 8 to February 23, 2016

Venue: Zhengzhou Century Amusement Park

With gorgeous night sky and bright and charming light, here is an eye-catching feast of various festive lanterns. Gay music lingers over ears and an intoxicated live-action light show presents before your eyes. How could you miss it? Undoubtedly, the Spring Festival temple fair is the heaven of foodie. Various local special snacks are gathered here. Foodies can truly enjoy most authentic flavor during festival. When hot and delicious local snacks are served, that is a big satisfaction. You can enjoy the joy of travelling the sky with “High Flyer”, feel the soul-stirring beauty with “Crazy Swing”, make sail with “Sea Rover” and head for the happy 2016 with “Circular Train”.

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Transportation: Taking shuttle buses No.B15, No.B16 and No.B3, buses No.35, No.165, No.216 and No.263 to Century Amusement Park and getting off at Meijing Tiancheng.


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