The Most Authentic Flavor of the Spring Festival at Zhongyuan Temple Fair in Zhengzhou Greenery Theme Park


A Bite of Temple Fair

Electric-Techno Neon Gods — Passionate Collision of Tradition and Modern

Monkey King Competition  

Southern V.S. Northern Lion Dance Championship

Grand Celebration of Spring Festival, Joyful Visit of Temple Fair



Greeting the Spring Festival with Various Activities, Dragon King V.S. Monkey King Traditional Culture

After one year’s work, the Spring Festival is the most relaxed holiday for the whole family. It is a good choice to visit the temple fair. The Spring Festival is celebrated annually, but the boisterous traditional temple fair cannot be enjoyed every year. Here is a good opportunity. During the first day to the 16th day of the first lunar month, the First Zhongyuan Temple Fair will be held in Greenery Theme Park in order to bring a traditional Spring Festival with the most authentic flavor and offer a good choice to citizens during the Spring Festival.


At the beginning of the Year of Monkey, a Monkey King Competition will be presented in Zhengzhou Greenery Theme Park. A group of trained monkeys will be guided to the stage by their owners one by one. They will give wonderful shows to visitors, such as standing on a leg, walking on stilts and shooting at the basket. In addition, professionals have been invited to serve as judges so as to select the Strongest Monkey King of this year.

During the Spring Festival, Electric-Techno Neon Gods performance in Taiwan folk style will be a wonderful selling point of Zhongyuan Temple Fair. This performance, active in temple fairs of Taiwan, is a kind of traditional folk art that is accompanied with electronic music and the statue of Neon God (Nezha) dances to music. It is the representative of integration of tradition and innovation. Visitors can enjoy folklore performance and feel traditional culture. Meanwhile, they can have a taste of special exotic style. You can enjoy folklore performance and feel traditional culture at the same time.

2016 Zhongyuan Temple Fair will focus on creating a soul-stirring and rare folk stunt featuring “amazing, breathtaking and distinctive” for visitors. Stunt cycling is a rather eye-catching show. During the Spring Festival, professional stuntmen will present motorcycle and car stunts in Zhengzhou Greenery Theme Park. Excited music, flying stunt and thrilling spectacle wantonly greet your strong desires and catch your eyes.

During the Zhongyuan Temple Fair, representative southern and northern lion dance groups (Golden Tripod Award winning teams) will be invited to give folklore performances in Zhengzhou Greenery Theme Park. In the competition, endless charm of dragon and lion culture rich in national features and traditional artistry will be presented incisively and vividly. At that time, southern and northern lions will somersault, transfer and overlap with the drumbeat of drummer. Lions are life-like in form and remarkably true to life.

At the Temple Fair, there will be festive scenes, such as jubilant sound of gong and drum, joyful yangko and traditional dance. Celebration of Spring Festival is the theme of civilian social fire performance at the Zhongyuan Temple Fair held in Zhengzhou Greenery Theme Park. The Dragon King and the Monkey King will lead the traditional folklore performance teams featuring dragon dance, stilts and land boat and bring you traditional folk culture.

Go to Zhongyuan Temple Fair and taste traditional and modern food. During the Zhongyuan Temple Fair, delicious food such as flat noodle, hot Tofu and hotchpotch in Central Plains will be served, truly making you taste delicious food from all parts of the country in Zhengzhou during the Spring Festival and bringing an extraordinary food feast.   

From the first day to the 16th day of the first lunar month, multifarious favorites of temple fair will present in Greenery Theme Park. Everything you can image can be found here. Various artworks such as dough modeling, sugar sculpture, big sugarcoated haws on a stick, cotton printed clothes, mask, wooden figures in dramas, trolley, sword, spear and bamboo dragon are perfect in workmanship and can be regarded as unique artifact. “Articles of tribute” will be served among folk class, making you taste outstanding specialties from all parts of the country in the Park. Children can have fun at the recreational world with ancient and modern entertainment at the Temple Fair. The master and his three apprentices from “Journey to the West” will take photos with visitors and play football and pitch-pot game. There will be also other activities, such as Monkey King’s favorite - banana boat driving game and monkey giving good fortune. Just wait for you.

You are welcome to participate in these joyful activities held in Greenery Theme Park during the Spring Festival, experience the most authentic flavor of the Spring Festival and enjoy the happiness of a family union. From the first day to the 16th day of the first lunar month, the whole family can enjoy a happy and joyfully visit to the Greenery Theme Park and the Zhongyuan Temple Fair.







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