"Mermaids" from the Republic of Belarus "Swim" to Zhengzhou for the First Time

The Tomb-sweeping Day is just around the corner. You can spend the short holiday by watching a "mermaid" show performed by beauties from the Republic of Belarus in Zhengzhou Aquarium with your children. It was reported that three blondes from Belarus perform "mermaid" show at the marine theatre for the first time. It is also the first time for Zhengzhou's scenic area to officially invite foreign performers to give underwater performance.
       According to persons in charge of the aquarium, the 3 foreign actresses, 166-176 centimeters in height, once served as underwater performers or synchronized swimming coaches in the US, Turkey and Portugal. A few days ago, they signed a one-year cooperation agreement with Zhengzhou Aquarium. To present wonderful performance to audiences, they arranged an underwater show in a week on the basis of a mermaid's love story. They have to rehearse three or four hours under water every day. Meanwhile, during the short holiday of Tomb-sweeping Day, to offer more opportunities to visitors, Zhengzhou Aquarium specially will increase the number of showings, from 4 to 7 every day. In the second half of next year, with the implementation of the second-phase project, more foreign performers will be brought in, to present more colorful touring elements to visitors.

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