March is Perfect Time for Spring Outing as Tulips Blooms like Brocade

Yesterday, the 19th Tulip Show themed by "Zhengzhou City with Ubiquitous Green and Flowers" kicked off in People's Park. Also known as "foreign lotus" and "dry lotus", tulip is a genus of lily family. Called "the Flower of Fantasy" by Europeans, it is the national flower of the Netherlands and Turkey. The tulip show this year will be open to the public from April 2 to April 17 in People's Park. To provide visitors with new unforgettable experience, the tulip show this year presents more species. A total of 100,000 tulips in 51 species are displayed. Thirty species, including "perfect apricot", "beautiful parrot", "happy generation", "Miller time" and "sunshine prince" are new species introduced this year. Meanwhile, ingenuity is shown in production method. Mirror materials are applied in all scenic spots, and "lines" connecting various scenic spots are formed.

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