Zhengzhou-Yinchuan-Dubai Airline Opened to the Land of Wealth

For Zhengzhou-Yinchuan-Dubai airline, there are four flights a week, respectively taking off from Zhengzhou at 21:15 every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, arriving in Yinchuan at 23:00 and dispatching from Yinchuan at 0:40 of the next day, and in the end arriving in Dubai at local time 4:30. Flights taking off from Dubai depart at 2:50 a.m. every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and arrive in Yinchuan at local time 13:35, and then take off from Yinchuan at 15:35 and in the end, arrive at Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport at 17:15.
       It is reported that Zhengzhou-Yinchuan-Dubai airline will be operated by Boeing 777-200LR which has 14-ton cargo capacity of bellyhold. In addition to passengers, cell phones and other electronics of Zhengzhou, as well as medlar and other subsidiary agricultural products and cashmere of Yinchuan will be carried into the Dubai market via the airline.

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