Service Facilities like ATMs and Ticket Vending Machines Newly Added in Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden


In order to facilitate visitors in ticket purchasing and cash payment, service facilities like ATM and ticket vending machines were newly added in Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden. 
Every year, an increasing number of visitors pay a visit to Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden with its rise in social popularity and reputation. Because there was a lack of ATM at the entrance of the Garden, the issue brought inconvenience to visitors without cash or with inadequate cash. In order to completely solve the problem, we had communicated with several banks and suggested them to set up ATMs at the entrance. However, the Garden is far from the downtown, many banks refused the suggestion. Finally, after our unremitting efforts, Bank of Zhengzhou agreed to add two ATMs at the entrance of the Garden. At present, the site has been reconstructed and ATMs will be installed in a few days. In addition, in order to alleviate the problem of line-up for tickets at rush hours, we spent a large amount of money in purchasing six self-service ticket vending machines and built the self-service box office at the west side of the North Gate so as to help visitors easily buy and collect tickets. 
       Application of service facilities will effectively solve the problem of inadequate cash, alleviate the problem of line-up for tickets at rush hours and save the time for visitors to enter the Garden. Successive introduction of service facilities embodies the increased level of civilization and manifests the scientific, normalized and standardized management of Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden.

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