Zhengzhou Fantawild Launches a New mode of Smart Tourism

It is learnt that Zhengzhou Fantawild Tourist Resort has introduced highly smart self-service ticket machines. The action has provided great convenience for visitors to purchase tickets and also indicated that Zhengzhou Fantawild will launch its new mode of “smart tourism”. 
       According to relevant responsible person, the number of tickets displayed on the self-service ticket machine is the same as that of tickets sold at the ticket office. Moreover, tickets purchased via the self-service ticket machine or at the ticket office at the entrance of the park are both valid. Visitors can directly purchase tickets via Alipay or WeChat payment. In addition, visitors can gain the QR code through online ticketing in advance and then scan the QR code or ID card at the designated place to obtain the ticket. The whole process is completed in short time and easily operated. Several links such as paper money detection, change, counting and checking are left out, saving plenty of time for visitors buying tickets. According to the reporter, currently the self-service ticket-collecting service is available on following websites:,,,,, and Meanwhile, Zhengzhou Fantawild remains visitors to watch out for the trap of low-price ticket and be cautious of being deceived. 
       Zhengzhou Fantawild Tourist Resort always focuses on “improvement of service quality and optimization of visitors' traveling method”. Introduction of self-service ticket machines into Zhengzhou Fantawild will inevitably bring visitors more convenient travel experience. Meanwhile, according to the development demand of “smart tourism”, more smart equipment will be gradually set up to help “smart upgrade” of the resort.

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