Zhengzhou-Xuzhou High-speech Railway to Be Opened Soon


Recently, fans of Zhengzhou Fantawild have been upset about the news that Fantawild Water Park is in winter break, or the notice that Saturday Night Fever of Fantawild Dreamland is over. In addition, Pirates Carnival of Fantawild Adventure draws to an end, so fans are more frustrated. However, over the past two days, Zhengzhou Fantawild has attracted more attention from various regions, because Zhengzhou-Xuzhou high-speed railway will be opening soon. But what is the relationship between these two? Let’s discover the secret. 
      With the opening of Zhengzhou-Xuzhou high-speed railway on September 10, it only takes over one hour from Xuzhou to Zhengzhou. Qingdao, Nanjing, Hangzhou and Hefei are also within the range of Zhengzhou-Xuzhou high-speed railway. It is reported that Zhengzhou-Xuzhou high-speed railway will be connected to another 10 domestic high-speed railways. Undoubtedly, it provides visitors from various regions with great convenience to visit Zhengzhou Fantawild. 
      Nevertheless, many people are still confused. The transportation is convenient, but what is the charm of Zhengzhou Fantawild and why are many people attracted? 
In Fantawild Adventure, you can take “Sky Sailor” to experience “around the world in 8 minutes”. The flying experience once in a lifetime will be amazing. Or you can go to “Ghost Stories” to watch a show about beautiful love between human and ghost and feel their shocked true love across time and space. Of course, you can try “The Polar Express”. Classical roller coaster introduced from the Netherlands quickly and swiftly overturns and rotates, absolutely making you sacred yet amazed. 
       In Fantawild Dreamland, “The Butterfly Love”, as the greatest show in the park, tells the beautiful love between Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai via phantom from four directions, making visitors moved. In addition, the wooden roller coaster “Fly Dragon in Jungle” is a must attraction to experience quick flight at 91km/h. 150-second thrilling journey will give you delight and joy. 
      In addition to regular experience, Zhengzhou Fantawild often holds various activities to celebrate holidays or festivals, and also offers privileges. For example, as the Mid-autumn Festival is drawing near, Zhengzhou Fantawild will launch two activities themed by “Happy Party of Mid-autumn Festival” and “Forest at Mid-autumn Night”. At that time, family members can participate in the activity together to joyfully find “running moon cakes”. Visitors also can watch the large moon-like landscape with animals. Most importantly, 50% off will be enjoyed for night show during the Mid-autumn Festival. 
      Through above news, would you like to congratulate Zhengzhou Fantawild? Zhengzhou Fantawild said all congratulations have been received. It is time to go for a trip now. Zhengzhou-Xuzhou high-speed railway will help you realize your happy dream of travel.

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