Halloween, Come to Fantawild and Catch a Ghost!


The National Day Holiday is half over. Did you find anything different in Fantawild? Any surprise? That’s right, prerelease experience of three Fantawild Halloween haunted houses for National Day holiday! Wonder what kind of ghosts are in the haunted houses? I made up the courage and ran through all of them. Well, I’m still trying to relax my nerves and be very aware of my tongue. There are three different styles of breathtaking experience in the haunted houses. Now join me and take a look. “Ancient Nether House” is an archaistic haunted house. In the story, the son of a rich family died of illness. To find a company for their deceased son, the parents kill a young girl to give their son a posthumous marriage. With bitter resentment, the girl comes back as a ghost and gets revenge on the family. After reading the introduction, I braced myself in and came out in a cold sweat, since there is coffin, embroidered shoes, spooky living room and the ghost couple who are worshipping Heaven and Earth. Hey, YOU, Mr. Ghost at the corner, please, please, please don’t touch my head, or, I have to scream out of here! “Cursed Soul Hospital” is a hospital themed haunted house. I lost my mind the second I went in. there are all kinds of sickos walking around and they may jump out of some dark corner all of a sudden and scare the heart out of you. I closed one of my eyes and finally got myself out of the jungle. Holy Lord!!!! “Living Body Institute” is a total challenge to my senses. The skinned body, the broken hands and feet in the corner of wall and the hanging bones at the corner….and WHO put the rotting head on my feet!? I don’t see it, I don’t see it, I don’t see it….So I just ran out this one???? Fine, I admit that I'm a little too brave. The ghosts of Fantawild totally ran over me. However, there is more. 
       Fantawild Halloween opens on October 8th. It is scary scary world, day and night! Five ghost zones, six haunted houses, seven gates of hell, eight king ghosts, nine ghost shows and thousands of demons gather in Fantawild. Waiting for you! 
       OK, bonus time! Fantawild Halloween night ticket is only RMB 110/person on October 8-31, 2016. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, just come to Fantawild and party with some ghosts! On October 22-23, at the “2016 Flower Elf International Game, Cartoon and Music Carnival” Zhengzhou, the gathering stars, the partying elves and the roaring air make the special Fantawild Halloween!

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