Halloween Special – Fantawild “Thousands of Demons Parade”


At the chilly midnight, cold wind swept through. At the unmarked common graves, haunters wander. All the demons and ghosts at all times from all countries, which used to appear only in movies, come to your side. They are howling shrilly and making threatening gestures. They are partying in rows at the Halloween carnival. Where can you see such a huge monster parade? Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from now on, until Oct. 31st, Zhengzhou Fantawild Halloween Thousands of Demons Parade prepares for you a special Halloween “Song of Hell”!
      Different from all previous parades, there is no singing and dancing, no Briar and Bramble waving to you in a beautiful carriage, or funny clown with colorful wigs. This parade is totally different from those of bright colors you have seen before. And this is the biggest highlight of “This Is Halloween”, the Fantawild Halloween night! The dark scary light, the mysterious voice and the hot Jazz girls all become ghosts. At eight thirty at night, all the ghosts in the park come together and start their Halloween celebration. What a challenging demon feast it would be?
      It is learned that, this Fantawild “This Is Halloween” Thousands of Demons Parade is companied with This Is Halloween, the magical music with exotic sound effect. It is scary yet full of hot carnival rhythm. The parade is composed of 16 ghost teams with different themes, including the well-known corpse handlers from west Hunan Province, which often appear in Lam Ching Ying’s zombie movies, ghost groom and ghost bride, which is quite popular in folk tales, zombies that are badly mutilated without a leg or an arm, chasing to bite people, and werewolves howling all of a sudden at midnight.
You will see not only all these ghosts and demons, there is also a wonderful ghost drama prepared. This is a parade with “plot”! How many demons and ghosts here do you know? What does the king ghost say in the English monologue? What happened between ghosts? And what happened between man and ghost? What other thrilling stunts are waiting for you on Halloween night?
       Come to Zhengzhou Fantawild Halloween and find out! Half price night tickets from now until October 31st, just for you!

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration