"Run For Fun” Zhengzhou Urban Race is Held in Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden


The 4th “Run For Fun” Zhengzhou Urban Race was held in the beautiful Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden on October 14th, 2016! The event is organized by Vanke and greatly supported by government agencies and leaders including Mass Spots Department of General Administration of Sport, Henan Administration of Sport and Zhengzhou Administration of Sport.
       The goal of “Run For Fun” Urban Race is to promote working day fitness and advocate healthy lifestyle and working style through fun running, so that enterprises will pay attention to the health of employees. At the same time, runners will have a chance to enjoy the beauty of the city while running. Nowadays, people often sit in the office and work with the computer. Inadequate exercise brings various health problems. The goal of “Run For Fun”, which is “run for health, happiness and friendship”, is also to encourage people to walk out of office and enjoy the fun of running in nature.
        This is the third time that Vanke has organized “Run For Fun” Urban Race in Green Expo Garden. Choosing this place, Vanke Group sees not only the large stage and quality service, but also the great ecological environment, which offers a healthy experience running in the green, away from tail gas in the city. Thus, people can breathe fresh air, relax their body and mind.

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