Come on! Fantawild Zhengzhou’s “Eye of Storm”

Long and narrow, a round circle is elegant and mysterious. Riding a roller coaster at a storm-like speed is an extremely exciting journey! On November 17, Fantawild Zhengzhou’s “Eye of Storm” was reopened. Do you feel excited by the idea to ride such a breathtaking roller coaster? Will you hail excitedly or scream in fear during your adventure on the “Eye of Storm”?
Located at Happy Island of Fantawild Adventure, Eye of Storm is a landmark of this resort. Since its launch, it has attracted many visitors. As a world-class roller coaster, Eye of Storm integrates various elements of mid-air sports such as fear, excitement, fast heart beats and weak knees.
       In a unique shape, this large-scale outdoor facility has won unanimous praises from brave tourists for extraordinary riding experience and sensory stimuli. On this roller coaster, you can scream as you like to vent your negative emotions while enjoying excitement. And at the highest point, you can also really look down at the whole resort. Many tourists visit Fantawild Adventure with a firm resolution to experience the excitement of Eye of Storm. Are you ready to face the excitement of Eye of Storm?
Fantawild Adventure also has many other classical entertainment facilities like Gyro Swing, Wave Rolls, Rotary Cup, Pirate Ships, Flying High, UFO and Space Travelers. Come to Fantawild Zhengzhou to excite yourself and refresh yourself.

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