Fantawild to Start Snow Christmas Immediately


In cold winter, do you long for warmth? Well, Fantawild Zhengzhou is set to bring you warmth with Snow Christmas. Eye-catchy decorations, characteristic theme interactions, and favorable ticket discounts are all attractive to tourists! 
       Beautiful decorations: sceneries change as you walk 
       Fantawild Zhengzhou tries hard to make Snow Christmas an event of authentic Northern European atmosphere, by use of characteristic decorations, artistic European-style architectures, flying snowflakes, and gorgeous Christmas trees. 
       Play in daylight and at night 
       During Snow Christmas event, apart from exciting entertainment projects, Fantawild Zhengzhou will be especially open at night with theme shows deliberately prepared in many aspects such as costumes, performance forms and locations. In activity design, other than traditional audience modes, overseas experiences of innovative parades are borrowed to bring forth more participative and better interactions. In addition, Fantawild also prepares dedicate Christmas meals to create opportunities for tourists to share happiness with families and friends while participating in activities. 
Upgraded carnival: 50%-off discount 
       For many, counting down with many revelers on the New Year eve is one of the most exciting moments in life, especially with firework celebrations. Yes, Fantawild’s New Year countdown will see customized fireworks and more innovative interactions. Let’s welcome 2017 together. 
       Christmas night event is from December 24 to 25, 2016. After 17:00, 50% off discount is valid for RMB 100 adult tickets and RMB 80 child tickets to Fantawild Dreamland. On the night of December 31, Fantawild Dreamland will be open until 24:00 with the same discounts as Christmas. If winter comes, can Christmas be far behind? Let Snow Christmas become your most beautiful winter memory!

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