Continue Your Holiday at Fantawild Zhengzhou


Without noticing it, the Spring Festival holiday has come to an end. After returning to work and being faced with intense and busy life again, are you exhausted and lethargic? Then Fantawild Zhengzhou would be a perfect place for you. Dreamlike lantern exhibition, various local snacks and splendid folklore performances will certainly mitigate your “post-holiday syndrome”.
Unique ICH Craft: Fiery Dragon Dance
      At present, the "Fantawild Chinese New Year" event held by Fantawild Zhengzhou is still in its full swing and provides multiple popular programs for tourists. The “Fiery Dragon Dance” performed during the night display of Fantawild Water Park Spring Festival Lantern Show win extensive praises for its grandeur and magnificence. Shirtless young lion dancers splash the mixture of molten steel and specially made fluid at 1,500°C into the air to produce spray of molten steel. Suddenly, the molten steel burst forth into dazzling sprinkles which set off the fiery dragon and light up the sky over Fantawild Zhengzhou, making it a brilliant and gorgeous place. Inside the Park, tourists are impressed by colorful and radiant lantern exhibition which boasts vivid and eye-catching festive lanterns in different forms, and indulge themselves in the dreamy sea of lanterns.
      Wonderful Folk Handicrafts and Authentic Local Delicacies
      Moreover, over 30 local flavors from different places provided at Fantawild Water Park will be a feast for you; craftsmen from all over the country gather at the Fantawild folk custom exhibition area and entertain tourists with crafts like dough figurine making, sugar-figure blowing and straw weaving, and handicrafts like cloth tiger, crochet dolls, polymer clay products and Nigugu (clay toys), which brings a fresh feeling and is of a lot of fun.
      Multiple Recreational Activities
      During the Spring Festival, in addition to Fantawild Water Park, Fantawild provides thrilling and joyous activities at Fantawild Adventure as well as jubilant and traditional activities at Fantawild Dreamland. Visit Fantawild with your sweetheart, family and friends, and spend a wonderful holiday.
      Come and Indulge Yourself in Fantawild Zhengzhou
      From the first day to the sixteenth day of the Chinese New Year, Fantawild Water Park Spring Festival Lantern Show is held every day and open from 16:00 to 21:00. The admission ticket only cost 40 RMB per person. Moreover, Fantawild Adventure will be open until 21:30, so you can have fun there after work. Free from congestion during the holiday, you will have more fun. Come and have a good time at Fantawild Zhengzhou. We are looking forward to sharing a journey of joy with you.

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