Fantawild Zhengzhou Delivers a Happy Spring Festival for Visitors


During the Spring Festival, Chinese people visit relatives. And an increasingly popular trend is travelling with families. As a comprehensive tourist resort of travelling, shopping and recreation in Zhengzhou region, Fantawild Zhengzhou has delivered a happy Spring Festival for tourists. During the Spring Festival, the three Fantawild Zhengzhou parks received 201,434 tourists. 
Prior to the Spring Festival, Fantawild Zhengzhou made full preparations and maintenances on food, electricity, water supply, gas and equipment for better tourist safety. Fantawild also organized emergency and fire drills and cooperated with relevant authorities in safety inspections. 
During the Spring Festival, the three Fantawild Zhengzhou parks worked together to celebrate the Chinese New Year! This year, the three Fantawild Zhengzhou parks play a festive role of own characteristics for tourists! On the Chinese New Year’s Day, a parade of lion and dragon dances proceeded with red pockets given to tourists. The activity symbolized an auspicious new start of Fantawild. 
       At Fantawild Adventure, tourists are welcomed by a special release of red pockets and chicken drumsticks. Apart from dolls in the shape of chicken drumsticks, tourists can redeem their tickets of certain consumption for a fried drumstick. In the park, four manned mascots respectively representing happiness, wealth, health and luck travel around to surprise tourists. Meanwhile, wishing bottles are prepared for tourists. Ms. Wang from Zhengzhou downtown said: “Usually, I'm too busy to spare time to travel with my families except holidays. Today, I come here with my parents and children to have fun. I wish them happy and healthy.” 
       Fantawild Dreamland holds a grand fair converging diverse snacks, customs and variety shows like Jiangzhou drum music. In the park, there is a scroll 10 meters long on which tourists can color the character “福” into red as a way to usher in good luck. The performance of traditional martial arts is innovative. For example, an inspirational martial play based on the Chinese idiom “闻鸡起舞” (rise up upon hearing the crow of a rooster and practice with the sword) was well received by many tourists. As a distilled form of Chinese folk arts, Jiangzhou drum music is acclaimed for its sonorous sound and great momentum with performers full demonstrating the charm of the oriental culture. 
        Fantawild Water Park holds its first ever exhibition of lanterns. In particular, the intangible cultural heritage fiery dragon dance is magnificent and spectacular. In the performance, shirtless male performers throw into air the mixture of 1,500°C molten steel and special liquid to splash fiery sparks. With a fiery dragon, the scene is radiant and gorgeous. Nearly one hundred installments of colorful lanterns and decorations are lifelike, vivid and dazzling. And scores of kinds of traditional snacks and more than twenty kinds of folk custom shows are complementary to the lanterns. 
Although the Spring Festival vacation is close to the end, Fantawild Zhengzhou is still in full festive gear. On the Lantern Festival and the next day (February 11 and 12), Fantawild Dreamland and Fantawild Adventure will release a special family set ticket. With the set ticket, two adults can be admitted with a child less than 1.5m in height. Meanwhile, the opening hours of Fantawild Adventure are lengthened to 21:30 until February 12. And each day during the period, its lantern exhibition lasts from 16:00 to 21:30. To welcome the upcoming Valentine’s Day (February 14), Fantawild will release a set ticket for couples: for couples who kiss each other during admission, a free ticket will be provided. To redeem your privileges, do not forget to bring your beloved ones to Fantawild.

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration