The First Zhongyuan Tower Windmill Art Festival Tourism Opens

Here comes the good news!
       Zhongyuan Tower
       A super fun place
      The romantic windmill world
      The first Zhongyuan Tower Windmill Art Festival
      Takes you into the colorful fairy tales
      The first Zhongyuan Tower Windmill Tourism Festival opens!
      Windmill Art Festival from April 2 to 3, 2017

      Everyone must have folded a paper windmill with a prod in the middle during their childhood. If it was inserted somewhere in spring, it would attract something. While enjoying the sound of the crazy turning windmill, they were listening to grandma’s fairy tales “long time ago......”. The windmill cultural tourism festival will be held in the Zhongyuan Tower, and the romantic windmills symbolize the fairy happiness. Why don't you come to such a colorful dreamlike world with your family this weekend? The world is so big that I want to take you to see the windmill corridor together with windmills turning in the wind. You will look cute while taking photo at ease. The events will last for 2 days and send out 300 free tickets every day, totaling 600 free tickets. We will accept the exchange of the ticket every day after the park opens! First come, first served! If sold out, no more free tickets!

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